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Thursday, September 27, 2001
Convicted spy sentenced to life in Tampa federal court
George Trofimoff, 75, the highest-ranking military man ever accused of spying, was sentenced to life in federal prison Thursday in Tampa.
Other Midday Update headlines
• Pentagon signals military strike not imminent
• Bush wants national guard to protect airports
• Generals get power to decide on shootdowns
• Pakistanis hold pro-government rallies
• Taliban denies inviting Jesse Jackson
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The trail of the terrorists
It started in a walkup apartment in the German port city of Hamburg with an urban planner, an aspiring pilot and a timid German-language student. Dutiful sons of the middle class, they worked together, studied in a circle together and recited the Koran together. Story | Graphic

Moving forward
Despite images of terrorism on their minds, some Floridians are getting on with the rest of their lives. Story
[Times photo: John Pendygraft]
Hijackers linked to local cruise
TREASURE ISLAND -- Employees on a SunCruz gambling ship that sails from John's Pass think some of the hijackers in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were gambling on the ship the week before the attacks. Story
Electronic eyes watching bus passengers
Sixteen Pinellas County buses have cameras and microphones aboard that monitor what passengers do and say. Eventually, 100 more buses will get the equipment. Story
USF receives grant to fight bioterrorism
The university's Center for Biological Defense will use the funds to defend health workers. Story
Local charities also victims of the attacks
Metropolitan Ministries is one of Tampa's most established charities, so no one blinked when its leaders set a September fundraising goal of $495,000. Story

  • Pentagon summons 635 more reservists
  • Dispute stalls Senate defense bill
  • President gives generals power to shoot down jets
  • Arrests focus on chemical transport
  • Germany: Hijackers linked to bin Laden
  • America Responds: Notebook
  • At NATO session, U.S. plays down military options
  • Giuliani feels 'duty' to run for re-election
  • Bold military action seems unlikely now
  • Searches, tighter security disrupt East Coast traffic
  • Charitable giving nears $600-million
  • In brief
  • As threat looms, panic grows in Afghanistan
  • Jesse Jackson gets Taliban invitation

  • Report filled with ethics charges
  • Moving forward
  • Electronic eyes watching bus passengers
  • USF receives grant to fight bioterrorism
  • Local charities also victims of the attacks
  • Hijackers linked to local cruise

  • Sometimes, words are all we have
  • Cell phones score points

  • Airline layoffs produce local ripples
  • Delta to lay off 13,000 workers
  • Cautious investors shrivel markets

  • Gov. Bush may act to encourage Northern visitors
  • Bush, Peterson talk state security

  • Flight bans unlikely to affect ball games
  • Poignant ceremony planned for return

  • Tampa Bay regional coverage below:
    North Pinellas Pasco Hernando Citrus

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    Multimedia reports
    Bold military action seems unlikely now
    WASHINGTON -- Two weeks after the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the question of the hour here is this: Does the Bush administration have a well-defined plan of action in what it calls the war on terrorism, or is it groping its way toward a plan? Story
    Charitable giving nears $600-million
    So much has been given since the attacks, relief organizations are struggling to devise distribution policies. Story
    Updates from the wire:
  • Bush Challenges Allies to Defend Turkey
  • Iraq Approves U-2 Surveillance Flights
  • NASA IDs Debris As Part of Left Wing
  • Ill. Islamic Charity Leader Pleads Guilty
  • Energy Costs Soar With Cold, Iraq Threat
  • Dow Closes Up 56, Nasdaq Gains 14
  • Penguins Trade Kovalev Back to Rangers

    Gary Shelton: 'Can I interest you in a late-model dome?'

    martinSusan Taylor Martin: Britain on edge as it unites against a hidden enemy

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