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October 6, 2000

Serbians rise up

[AP photo]
The crowd shouted his name, and he shouted back: "Big, beautiful Serbia has risen up just so one man, Slobodan Milosevic, will leave."
Tim Nickens
A gentlemanly contrast to presidential debate
More clearly and articulately than the men on the top of the ticket, Cheney and Lieberman thoughtfully outlined some of the campaigns' stark differences in areas such as tax policy, military readiness and Social Security.

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Running mates politely discuss policy
DANVILLE, Ky. -- The Constitution says a vice president should be able to take over if the president is incapacitated. Thursday night, the candidates for vice president showed they also are ready and able to explain their positions on issues when their running mates fail.

Death of student indicative of conflict
Ironically, Asleh was wearing the green T-shirt of Seeds of Peace -- a U.S.-sponsored youth organization that brings together Arabs and Jews -- at the time of his death.

Washington briefs
Reno: Without funds, tobacco suit will end

Ethics panel rebukes congressman
WASHINGTON -- Days after Republicans won control of Congress in 1994, a congressional aide named Ann Eppard quit her job on Capitol Hill to open her own lobbying firm. There would have been nothing remarkable about the move except for who Eppard was and where she was going.

Heart association adapts guidelines for healthy eating
The guidelines also offer special recommendations for people at risk of heart disease or stroke, and for the first time emphasize the importance of keeping weight off as you age to avoid becoming obese, rather than trying to lose weight after it's on.

Gore, Bush appeal to pressured parents
The presidential candidates promised to make government a tool for helping parents protect their children -- from "cultural pollution," in Gore's words in Grand Rapids, or, as Bush put it in Royal Oak, from a "popular culture that is sometimes an enemy of their children's innocence."

Yugoslavia briefs
Loyalty of police force key to holding power

NASA delays flight for shuttle checkup
CAPE CANAVERAL -- No one knows better than the managers of the nation's space agency that big problems can be caused by tiny pieces of hardware.  

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Decision 2000

  • Bush Pledges Iraq Arms Hunt Will Continue
  • 'Partial Birth' Abortion Ban Passes House

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