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October 14, 2000

[AP photo]
After assessing the damage, the Navy said Friday that the USS Cole will be returned to the fleet after a 30-by-40-foot hole in its hull from a terrorist bomb is repaired. The challenge now is how to tow the $1-billion destroyer and where to do the repairs.
Arafat, Barak agree to summit in Egypt

JERUSALEM -- Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat agreed today to attend a summit aimed at ending the worst Israeli-Palestinian violence in decades, dropping his demand for what had been a deal-breaker -- an international commission of inquiry into the fighting.

The lives they took
With 10 of the 17 victims still missing, the United States begins a massive investigation into the terrorist attack on the USS COLE.

'Mom . . . I'll be okay. I promise you.'
Sketches of some of the 17 sailors killed or missing after the bomb attack on the USS Cole in Yemen:

Investigators face major challenges
WASHINGTON -- Investigators dispatched to Yemen to probe the bombing of a U.S. Navy warship face many obstacles, including a weak and possibly uncooperative central government and powerful anti-American sentiment, Clinton administration officials and intelligence experts said Friday.

Search on for attack planners
ADEN, Yemen -- With the crippled USS Cole listing slightly in the harbor, American investigators, Marines and soldiers swarmed into this deep-water port Friday, bringing sniffer dogs and sophisticated equipment to search for clues in the blast that killed 17 American sailors.

Leaders push for Mideast summit
Violence persists in the region despite worldwide pleas for a truce. Early today, an Arafat-Barak summit looked doubtful.

S. Korean president wins peace prize
Kim Dae Jung is honored for his efforts to make peace with communist North Korea.

What you don't hear on Social Security
Bush hasn't released his details yet but other plans for private accounts favor the government over the investor.

A day of loss raises the stakes
Those words have long described the lay of the land heading into a presidential election that promises to be extremely close.

Election briefs
Mideast remains top topic on trail

Washington briefs
Judge wants White House e-mail facts

National briefs
Recall of products made with biotech yellow corn widens

Colombian war on smuggling tames a wild frontier
A crackdown on contraband leaves the economy of a formerly bustling region hurting.  

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  • Bush Pledges Iraq Arms Hunt Will Continue
  • 'Partial Birth' Abortion Ban Passes House

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