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October 15, 2000

Ecological aims
Both presidential candidates agree on the need to protect the environment. They differ in how they propose to do it.

Let's talk about universal health care
Re: HEALTH CARE CHALLENGES, editorial, Oct. 8.

Bill Maxwell
World has forgotten Palestinians, too, need a homeland
"Israel Needs an Ally," reads the headline of a recent column by William Safire of the NEW YORK TIMES. Safire is right, of course. But the other headline should read: "Palestinians need a homeland."

Tim Nickens
In presidential race, it's not so clear anymore
Don't believe everything you read.

Philip Gailey
With a focus on Gore's exaggerations, Bush gets away with murder
Al Gore was supposed to make short work of George W. Bush in a series of three presidential debates. But after two debates, it is Bush who has emerged with the political advantage from these encounters, even though Gore clearly outscored him on points and demonstrated a superior grasp of foreign and domestic issues.

A journey to answer life's questions
When Jeffrey Tayler's book about a journey through Russia wouldn't sell, he took up a non-writing job in a security company in Moscow. Trapped between the rejection of his work and a job that made him miserable, he began a tormenting process of self-evaluation.

Stirring the pot of memories
You know that big wooden spoon you use to stir the marinara sauce? Take the spoon out of the pot, dry it off, and you could use it to bop someone on the head really good.

Explorers roaming the Northwest
"This is a land where millions of bison roamed a little over century ago," writes John Holt in COYOTE NOWHERE: IN SEARCH OF AMERICA'S LAST FRONTIER.

Ex libris Florida
FIGHTING BACK WITH FORCE: David Green, a retired police lieutenant in Tampa, can tell women how to defend themselves against sexual predators but with the hope they'll never have to use the information.

Torn and fearful lives
Initially, reading William Tester's collection of short stories, HEAD, was like seeing a gallery of surrealist art for the first time.

Yeltsin unexamined
Even when the Communists were in charge, Russia was an obsessively class-conscious society.

A pardoned man's paean
On Dec. 31, 1999, Boris Yeltsin, the first freely elected president in Russia's history, voluntarily left office, naming Vladimir Putin as his successor. Yeltsin was no fool.

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