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Talk about it: Share your views on dining, cooking and food in general.
October 18, 2000

Homemade help
[Times art: Octavio Perez]
Cook up some comfort for a friend in need by providing nourishment for body and soul. Story

The many dishes of pasta
Pasta: Every Way for Every Day (DK, $19.95), by Eric Treuille and Anna del Conte, tags recipes according to the time they take to make. This vegetarian dish, chickpeas with rosemary, chili and garlic, is in the Quick Cook group.

deconstructing: explanations from the inside out

Waitress tips off readers
You may want to adjust your attitude toward wait staffs after you read the confessions of Debra Ginsberg, a longtime waitress who serves up a behind-the-scenes peek at her profession.

Flavors of India served up in St. Pete
A restaurant offering the textures and piquancy of Indian cuisine will add sparkle to your take-out times.

Stir-fry quick route to healthy meals
In recent years, the stir-fry has become popular as a quick, heart-healthy meal. Researchers now say its contents and proportions can help reduce the risk of cancer as well.

You asked for it: Soft drinks sparkle in all these cakes
Soft drinks are so often used in cooking that the Coca-Cola Co. has published a cookbook, Classic Cooking with Coca-Cola.

Food file
Special events and food tastings

Taste Recipes
Browse these collections for hundreds of recipes and timely tips that will make you a star in your own kitchen.

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