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Talk about it: Share your views on dining, cooking and food in general.
October 24, 2001

Hunger takes no holidays
Maybe you've already given to the Sept. 11 relief effort. Or maybe the faltering economy is crimping your generosity. But hungry people right here at home still need our help.

  • How you can help
    There are so many organizations that can use your food donations that it won't be difficult to find one near and dear to your heart.

Diners lift forks, raise money
Dine for America organizers estimate that a single night of eating out has netted more than $20-million for victims of the terrorist attacks.

Tricks for making treats From food coloring and jimmies to Halloween stencils and chow mein noodles, everyday items can make a standard cupcake into a scary work of art. Story

Food File
Special events and food tastings

explanations from the inside out

Heat control critical for candy apples
Before you make candy or caramel apples at home, do yourself a favor and buy a candy thermometer.

Ask the Dietitian: Powdered egg whites safer than raw ones
Question: Much publicity has been given in recent years to avoiding raw egg because of the threat of salmonella. Yet I still regularly read recipes coming out that include raw egg whites, such as chocolate mousse. Is it safe to eat raw egg in that form? R.S., St. Petersburg

Pinellas to go: Munch on a little paradise
From tropical fruit to smoked mullet and crab meat spread, Papaya's Cafe lives up to its name and decor.

Taste Recipes
Browse these collections for hundreds of recipes and timely tips that will make you a star in your own kitchen.

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