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October 29, 2000

Times recommends...
Gore for president
Superior depth, experience and policy priorities make the vice president the best choice to carry forward the achievements of the past eight years.

Bill Maxwell
Farm workers get short shrift over fair wages
TALLAHASSEE, Oct. 22 -- The newspaper headline reads: "Farm workers threaten strike for better pay."

The Nader vote: It's a vision thing
Re: Serious blacks know a vote for Nader is a waste, by Bill Maxwell, Oct. 22.

Martin Dyckman
$500,000 gift comes quietly
TALLAHASSEE -- With money having become the dominant factor in American politics, many politicians have taken to boasting -- like so many gorillas thumping their chests -- of their prowess in raising it.

Tim Nickens
Deciding factor for Florida will be turnout, not TV and telephone ads
Florida's extraordinarily close race for president boils down to one word.

Philip Gailey
Bayfront fiasco will be on our minds during March city elections
I have about exhausted my interest in this year's state and federal elections and am already looking forward to next March, when St. Petersburg voters will elect a mayor and City Council members. I believe the Republic can survive either a Gore or Bush presidency, and Florida maybe another Republican Legislature in Tallahassee. But after the St. Petersburg City Council forced Bayfront Medical Center out of its protective alliance with the BayCare Health System last week, putting our primary hospital at risk, I am beginning to wonder how much longer we can afford a dysfunctional city government.

Margo Hammond
Political books accentuate the negative
Polls say that Americans don't like negative politics, but book buyers sure do.

Bringing love to her work
Feminist author and scholar bell hooks knows exactly what the world needs right now. And she's dedicated her next three books to sharing it with us. She's "obsessed with love."

Finding the good in heartbreak
Alice Walker's heart is broken, and she hopes yours is, too. Not because she's malicious -- in fact, her voice conveys a kindness and a sense of peace and calm obtained by only the most thoughtful and sagacious.

Florida crime and all its juice
By now, only the most blissfully uninformed would dispute the notion that the most vital and important community of crime fiction writers in the world resides in Florida. From the bestseller lists to the legion of important mid-list authors who test the limits of the genre with each new book, the evidence is overwhelming. Los Angeles and New York each enjoyed periods of primacy. But since 1964, when Travis McGee first sallied forth in determined search of salvage, the influence and appeal of the Florida crime story has grown until it is now as ubiquitous as the locked room mystery once was.

A ring of truth
The Times Tallahassee bureau chief offers the keys to a roman a clef set in the state capital.

Check it out
SCARY STORIES O'PLENTY: In time for the season of the witch, Carroll & Graf publishers have released two very scary story collections: The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, edited by Stephen Jones, and The Mammoth Book of Haunted House Stories, edited by Peter Haining ($11.95 each). The former offers stories from notable authors Ramsey Campbell, James Herbert and Peter Straub; the latter includes Ruth Rendell, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Bloch.

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