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October 23, 2000

The wear with flare
[Times photo: Stefanie Boyar]
TAMPA -- Flop! You trip again. "Fourth time!" you mutter. You get back up and start walking again, picking your feet up high.

  • Dress code's scarlet letter is X
    The debate continues over whether Dunedin High students who dress inappropriately should cover up with a big T-shirt marked with a spray-painted X.

Rudeness is real handicap for cartoon
A new animated series on Nickelodeon, which features a disabled teen, should have a lot to say, but its "realistic" humor may not sit well with some viewers.

Halloween Horror Nights a screaming good time
The annual makeover of the Universal Studios theme park offers demented clowns, five haunted houses and a chance to get spooked everywhere you turn.

My idea of success
Second of two parts.

Osment shines in 'Pay It Forward'
Movie: Pay It Forward

Money Stuff: Get it! Spend it! Keep it!
Welcome back to the St. Petersburg Times' Newspaper in Education page. This year's series is about something we all love and wish we had more of: money.

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