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Wednesday, November 28, 2001
Germany arrests terror suspect
German police arrested a Moroccan man at his Hamburg apartment today on charges he controlled an account used to bankroll several of the Sept. 11 hijackers and had "intensive contacts" with the terrorist cell.
Other Midday Update headlines
• Afghan riot kills first American
• Northern Alliance rejects U.N. proposal
• Strikes damage suspected Taliban base
• Documents reveal information on detainees
• U.S. to buy smallpox vaccine
• Experts fear bin Laden has nukes
• Lawmakers agree on testing plan

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Gen. Tommy Franks and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld take their Pentagon briefing on the road. Story
Army Gen. Tommy R. Franks, left, speaks during a press briefing Tuesday at the Marriott Waterside Hotel in Tampa as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld listens. It was the first war briefing held in the same city as Central Command.
[Times photo - Fraser Hale]

Cops target local Mideast men
Questions of civil liberties arise as Florida law enforcers prepare to question men with Middle Eastern backgrounds. Story
Deadline to check luggage unlikely
A 60-day deadline for all checked luggage to be screened likely will pass, the transportation head says, because of insufficient resources. Story
Sweep's size startles even Justice Dept.
Attorney General John Ashcroft said Tuesday that the Justice Department has charged 104 people on criminal violations -- more than twice the number previously made public -- in its sweeping terrorism investigation. Story
Pakistani intelligence hunting for bin Laden
Afraid he might seek safe haven on its side of the border, Pakistan plans to help find him and turn him over to the U.S. Story
Many near ground zero still displaced, others moving
Over 1,000 people still can't go home after the trade center attacks. Others don't want to stay. Story
Lest terrorists win, couples get pregnant
The words came to Ann Travers as she watched her husband sleep that night: "He's going to make an excellent father." Story

  • Suspicious bag forces evacuation at airport
  • Fear adds weight to mail crush
  • Cops target local Mideast men
  • Ashcroft: U.S. will win Al-Najjar case

  • A chief of Florida security is named

    Robert Friedman: The special session pop quiz
    Editorial: Declaring the R word
    Letters: Courageous view of education was welcome
    Robert Trigaux: Never mind the mail: You've got a class-action lawsuit
    Howard Troxler: Ladies and gentlemen, start your skepticism
    Ernest Hooper: The future of black people; the war here and now
    Bill Maxwell: Migrant farm worker abuse continues
    John Romano: Spurrier gets his ideas lost in the translation

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    Updates from the wire:
    Audio update
  • Bush Challenges Allies to Defend Turkey
  • Iraq Approves U-2 Surveillance Flights
  • NASA IDs Debris As Part of Left Wing
  • Ill. Islamic Charity Leader Pleads Guilty
  • Energy Costs Soar With Cold, Iraq Threat
  • Dow Closes Up 56, Nasdaq Gains 14
  • Penguins Trade Kovalev Back to Rangers
    Carefree lawn in trouble
    Artificial turf crosses the line with a Palm Harbor homeowners group, which says: Better dead than fake. Story
    Fear adds weight to mail crush
    Terrorism has changed the holiday post office rituals a bit. Story
    Ashcroft: U.S. will win Al-Najjar case
    Attorney General John Ashcroft expressed confidence Tuesday that the government would prevail in its five-year effort to deport Mazen Al-Najjar. Story
    Suspicious bag forces evacuation at airport
    A U.S. Customs agent triggers TIA's blue side closure and backup after an explosives detector flags a passenger's bag. Story
    Big win can't be wasted
    The Rams victory means nothing without a win in Cincinnati on Sunday. Story
    photoFSU's age-old issue
    Analysts don't believe Bobby Bowden's age -- or a down season -- will hurt recruiting. Story
    USF's success makes Leavitt a wanted man
    TAMPA -- South Florida fans, you might want to ask your Gator or Hurricane counterparts for help because it isn't likely to go away: Other teams are interested in your coach. Story
    Boston beatings continue
    BOSTON -- The FleetCenter continues to be the Lightning's house of horrors. Story
    A chief of Florida security is named
    The retired Marine Corps lieutenant colonel from Texas, Steve Lauer, is appointed. Story
    Murder witness admits he lied
    He says he identified the man, later sent to death row for a Starke woman's killing, in 1993 to stay out of trouble. Story

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