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Tuesday, December 5, 2000
Toys they won't put down
A selection of unusual and hard-to-find toys. In Floridian

Deftones leave diverse crowd numb
TAMPA -- Sure there are a few exceptions: Jimi Hendrix, Bad Brains, and Living Colour. But for the most part, hard rock has been dominated by white men. That's why it's refreshing to find chart-topping acts such as the Deftones, Rage Against the Machine, Papa Roach and Sevendust -- bristling, guitar-based rock bands that prominently feature men of color. Story

Gore: One last shot
After big loss, Gore pins all hopes on state Supreme Court.

Close aide knew extent of Coe's debt, troubles
The Hillsborough state attorney's turbulent friendship mixed work, politics and money. Story

Lyons' replacement has outstanding warrants
Church members say they didn't know their new pastor had problems with the law when they elected him 200-49. Story

Attorneys lower fees in desegregation case
For years, Rick Escarraz has said his legal work for the plaintiffs in Pinellas County's decades-old desegregation case has been about principle, not about money. Story

Specialty plate revenue doesn't always reach its cause
A program audit finds sales money used for other purposes and a decrease in tag demand. Story

Quaker finally finds buyer, agrees to PepsiCo sale
The monthlong bidding war for Quaker Oats Co. has ended with PepsiCo Inc. clinching a deal to buy the food and beverage company in a stock deal valued at $13.8-billion. Story

No tees big problem for freshmen kickers

[Times photo - Bill Serne]
Narrower goal posts, harder footballs, the absence of tees and 90,000 fans make placekicking an adventure at the college level. Story

'Good' just isn't enough
Norv Turner's firing in Washington reminds Bucs' Tony Dungy of how costly high expectations can be. Story

Donnan Out
Jim Donnan is out at the behest of the University of Georgia president, who went over AD Vince Dooley's head. Story

Ex-USF assistant AD gets support
An ex-secretary backs Hiram Green and says AD Paul Griffin was given a summary of the investigation into the women's basketball program in spring of 1999. Griffin says otherwise. Story

Worker accused of molesting 2
The Brown Schools employee, fired last week, is charged with sexual assaults on two girls at the center. Story

District's cash reserve vanishes
The $1.8-million loss might force a delay in the opening of Hernando's fourth public high school, now set for 2002. Story

Reindeer to rest inside, quiet angry neighbors
Because parents filed complaints, reindeer posed one mounting the other will be moved inside the garage during weekdays. Story

Attorney asks halt to execution
The lawyer for a convicted murderer files claims Monday alleging that racial profiling was a factor in his arrest. Story

A mother, a father -- and the fear of losing
When I put myself in the place of 4-year-old Sam Johnson's adoptive parents, the anxiety rises in my chest in waves. My breath comes hot and fast. What if that were my child somebody wanted to take? Mary Jo Melone

Gore backers concede: 'last stop' looms
WASHINGTON -- Al Gore was as determined as ever to win the presidency when he telephoned Rep. Jim Davis on Monday for advice. What he heard from Davis was not good news. Sara Fritz

Stuck in this land of the chad
Day 27 of the hostage crisis dawned crisp and cold Monday in North Florida.
Lucy Morgan

Supreme moment may yet be Florida's
So, who needs the feds? Howard Troxler

Speedsters pay if they cross Finnish line
Darn clever, those Finns. Jan Glidewell

Don't bother to pay attention to baseball
Did you hear the news? In a two-page statement, Major League Baseball announced over the weekend that the 2001 regular season has been canceled. Darrell Fry

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