Xpress, the Coolest Section of the St. Petersburg Times, is the home for features, news and views of interest to young readers. Most of the work in Xpress, which appears on Mondays in Floridian, is produced by the Times' X-Team. The team of journalists ages 9-17 from around the Tampa Bay area is selected every year at the end of the school year to serve during the following school term. The current team of 12 was chosen out of 150 applicants. Watch for X-Team application forms in Xpress during the month of May.
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A few of our favorite things   Family, pets, teachers. Freedom and liberty. The human heart. These are some of the things creative readers hold dear, depicted in their submissions for this month's Xpressions theme, "What is most important to me? Story

[Art: Noelle Rutland, 6, first grade, Pasadena Fundamental Elementary School]

Xpressions wants you
Xpressions, our monthly showcase for the art, writing and photography of students through the 12th grade, is looking for your work!

I'm not stuck up; I'm shy
You think I am so stuck up and arrogant. If you only knew how shy I really am. Not a day goes by that I don't hate myself for not being able to say a simple hello to you in the hallway. All around me, I watch people my age talking, laughing and hanging out with each other, and here I stand feeling all alone again. You think I am too good for you, and that I just don't want to be your friend. You think I have only a few friends because I am so smart, so cute or so rich. You are wrong on all counts. I am none of those things, because I know how I feel on the inside about my stupid life.

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Xpressions, is a monthly showcase for the art, writing and photography of students through the 12th grade. Xpressions appears the last Monday of each month.

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