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Don Addis
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February 12, 1999

The chemical plant that wasn't?
A group of chemists has examined the waste, soil and debris from the Sudanese pharmaceutical plant bombed by the United States in August. Their findings suggest that no chemical weapons were being produced there. If this is true, this country has an obligation to own up to its mistake and make reparations.

The police pension game
The Legislature should resist political pressure and leave the negotiation of police and firefighter pension benefits to the cities.

Accept FEMA's flood assessments
Considerable money has been spent trying to convince federal officials that residents along Pinellas' coast should not have to pay more to protect homes and businesses from natural disasters. It is time for the beach cities and county government to come to terms with the Federal Emergency Management Agency's flood risk assessments and drop any plans to appeal.

Debt reduction is more sensible than a tax cut
Re: Getting a handle on our debt, by David S. Broder, Feb. 7.

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