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Readers' Q&A

© St. Petersburg Times, published October 18, 1998

Ce asked St. Petersburg Times readers what questions they would like to see asked of the candidates if they had the chance. Here is what is on their minds:

Governor's race

Would you give permission for a utility plant to burn Orimulsion in the Tampa Bay area?
Arlene Ditmars, Palm Harbor, 62.

My question is for Jeb Bush. Since basically you are a businessman and have never held an elected office, what makes you think you have the qualifications to be governor? Janet Sturgis, Madeira Beach. Repeatedly when traveling to Florida by car through Georgia, the prices for gasoline are 20 to 30 to 40 cents cheaper across the board and almost all the time. I would like to know why we have to pay so much more for gasoline in Florida than we do in Georgia.
Judith Sterling, Redington Shores, 56.

Please explain how the voucher program Jeb Bush has proposed will work for lower income people.
Bill Brown, Tampa, 43.

Considering the rush by developers to develop the state and the inaction by local governments to manage growth, what do you propose to stop sprawl, preserve the environment and promote sustainable development in terms of land use and transportation? Lynn McGarvey, Tampa, 63.I would like to know why Buddy MacKay all of a sudden is interested in where the Lottery money is going when he and Gov. Chiles didn't care before.
Nancy M. Wilson, Spring Hill.

U.S. Senate

Specifically what is their position on President Clinton, assuming he is guilty of lying in his deposition in the Paula Jones case, his grand jury appearance and . . . his address to the country on TV. They will probably be in a position next year to render a verdict on Clinton.
Robert Dell, 74, of St. Petersburg.

Do you have any plans at this time to favor us "notch babies," and will you submit a bill that would help the notch babies obtain monies to equalize us with other Social Security recipients?
Robert Bishop, St. Petersburg, 78.

I'm 67 years old and retired. When Medicare HMOs came into existence several years ago, I dropped my employer-sponsored health insurance program. Now the HMOs are dropping out of sight, and it begins to look like that availability is going to be more rare and I will be unable to get back into my employees health insurance program. What is the Senate going to do to protect people like me who fall for this kind of an offer and then are left unprotected when the big insurance companies feel they aren't making enough money?
Mike Valvo of Seminole, 67.

I would sure like to know why Bob Graham opposed and voted against the minimum wage increase.
Jim Quinlan, 65, of Floral City.


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