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Welcome. Our redesigned site offers many of the old features and some new ones. The content is grouped under two main sections - news and special features. Here is a description of what's available.


Almost all the material in the news section of our site is comprised of staff-written reports and columns from the Sunday and daily St. Petersburg Times and its various regionals, zoned and special sections. We have grouped the news sections below to make it easier for you to access online stories by geography or topic.

Home page will give you a quick sampling of the prominent stories from various topical and regional sections of the newspaper. Look here for breaking stories. And for the very latest in what's happening around the state, nation and world, go to AP Wire.

Tampa Bay is devoted to news from Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. This is where you will find stories from the print version's City & State and Tampa & State sections, and from zoned daily editions such as Clearwater, Seminole, Largo, and North Pinellas Times. Local news reports from the twice-weekly North of Tampa and Neighborhood Times can also be accessed from the Tampa Bay index page.

The State page has news reports from our bureau in Tallahassee and from correspondents and services around Florida.

Business is where we put the daily business news report. On Mondays, business and technology news can be found in Tech Times which has an archive of stories and columns.

Our Citrus, Hernando and Pasco daily editions have been enhanced to include pictures and graphics that appear in the print versions of those sections.

Floridian is the news features section of the daily newspaper and here is where its stories and pictures can be found. Entertainment contains art, music and performing arts reviews and reports on television. Action is the daily consumer-oriented Q & A column from Floridian. This page has an archive of recent articles.

In World & Nation, we post stories from our diplomatic and senior correspondents along with reports from the Washington bureau.

Commentary is the index page for editorials, letters to the editor and op-ed columns.

Sports is our main page of news and features from the daily sports section. We have separate index pages for the Buccaneers, Devil Rays and the Lightning. Here you will find the latest reports on games and players, an archive of stories and picture galleries of the teams, plus a variety of fan information including ticket prices, parking, facts about the stadiums where the teams play, maps and directions, in addition to dining and entertainment.

The 7-Day Archive gives you access to the entire online edition of the paper for the past week. It is not the electronic library of the newspaper, but merely a copy of what we published on the Web from the daily paper.

If you wish to get a copy of an article that was published in the St. Petersburg Times, go to Information Station, which offers a limited free service and fee-based research.

Ongoing Stories is our update section that follows stories of continuing interest, such as the Lyons Chronicles, Campaign '98, Bellush Murders, Missing Sabrina and Broken Dreams. This area is essentially a mini-archive of the stories we have published so far on topics that remain of interest to local, national and international readership.

Special Features:

We have had our Classifieds online since April 1997. Here is your one-click access to the thousands of classified ads that are published daily and Sunday in the St. Petersburg Times. We have expanded this feature to include searches of ads appearing in other newspapers across America.

In the Classifieds section you can also peruse the very useful New and Used Car Pricing Guide.

Online comics and Forumsive crossword puzzles are under the Comics & Games section where you'll find editorial cartoonists Bill Mitchell, Pat Oliphant and our own Don Addis. The works of Suncoast-area comic creators Paul Orlando and David Fraser are also part of our cartoon strip offerings -- Murt & Maddy and Gone Awry, respectively.

Weather Watch is our redesigned weather page with instant access to the five-day forecast, local radar and satellite images. Also available here is a picture window view of downtown St. Petersburg from the top floor of the St. Petersburg Times building.

Web Specials is our virtual tours area that is layered with several special projects that we have posted on the Web site since we launched our presence three years ago. The virtual excursions include the award-winning Florida Aquarium, Treasures of the Czars, Splendors of Egypt, the Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Titanic Exhibition. Among the journalism specials in this section are Angels & Demons, the 1998 Pulitzer winner for feature writing and Final Indignities, which won the 1995 Pulitzer for editorial writing.

Forums is the forum area where you can exchange messages with other online users or post your opinions on topics ranging from sports to the news of the day. This area requires registration.

If you wish to contact the St. Petersburg Times newsroom to suggest a story or comment about something that was published, E-Mail Connections is your entry point. You can reach Web Publications staffers and Customer Service from this page too.

Lottery will take you to the latest results page on the state's lottery site.

For death announcements, go to Obituaries where we publish condensed summaries of obituaries from Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties.

Spheriscope and Point of View are two of our experiments in the visual arts. Spheriscope is a gallery of Photobubbles -- 360-degree immersive photography that gives a complete spherical view of various sights and landmarks around the Suncoast. Point of View is a mixed collection of illustrative journalism and picture galleries.

Here's an A to Z list of the site's contents:


Business | Citrus | Commentary | Entertainment
Hernando | Floridian | Obituaries | Pasco | Sports
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