Our new forums are now online

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Welcome to the new forums area of and the St. Petersburg Times. We recently replaced the old forums with this new service that we believe is more user-friendly for you. The decision to move to this new format was largely based on feedback from members of the general public who tested the forums over the past week.

You will have to re-register your username and choose a new password to use these forums. However, because you now can choose your own unique password, you do not have to wait for any e-mail verification from the Times to begin posting!

The only other major change is that readers can now CREATE YOUR OWN TOPICS of conversation. This will allow you to quickly form your own discussions on the news of the day or your favorite sports team. There are several other exciting features of our new forums that you'll discover once you begin using them.

Please make sure javascript is enabled on your Web browser before entering the forums. (For most computers users, it already is. But if you're using a very old version of the Netscape or Microsoft browser, you should double-check.)

As always, we invite you to send any comments, questions or problems directly to us via e-mail to Steve Spears, online news editor, at

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