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Boyfriend, 19, denies killing girl's mother


© St. Petersburg Times, published July 11, 1998

TAMPA -- Adam Davis told a TV reporter Friday that he had nothing to do with the slaying of his girlfriend's mother, Vicki Robinson. Neither, he said, did his girlfriend, Valessa Robinson, nor their friend Jon Whispel.

All three face first-degree murder charges in the stabbing death of Robinson, whose body was found last week dumped in woods near Whispel's home.

The three were at Robinson's house the night police say she was killed. But Davis told WFTS-Ch. 28 that the trio left the home and did not return until later in the morning.

Davis, 19, said he didn't know what happened to Robinson. He also painted a bright picture of his relationship with Valessa's mother, who planned to send her daughter to a boarding school to get her away from Davis.

"I would never to do anything to hurt her mother or to hurt the family," Davis said by telephone from the Pecos County, Texas, jail where he and Whispel await their return to Florida. "Me and her mom got along great. We never had problems."

* * *

Davis said he plans to plead not guilty to the murder charge and still hopes to have children and build a normal life with Valessa, 15. He said he wants to be like his dad, whom he loved and admired. His father died in a motorcycle crash when Davis was 15.

Detectives have said all three teenagers have made incriminating statements. They accuse the three of killing Robinson so Adam and Valessa could stay together.

Davis, however, said he has not spoken to a lawyer and denied he has told anyone he was involved in the killing.

Jim Englert, Robinson's boyfriend, told authorities that Robinson had asked Davis and Whispel, also 19, to leave her house that night, June 26, but that Valessa had refused to let them go. They remained in the home when he left, he said.

In the interview, Davis said that shortly after Englert left that night, Davis, Whispel and Valessa went to a nearby Denny's, where Davis worked as a dishwasher.

"Her mom got us to leave," he said. "We left right after her boyfriend did."

Davis said the trio returned later in the morning. He refused to say what they found when returned or why he, Whispel and Valessa later left town in her mother's Nissan Quest minivan with all her credit cards and headed west on Interstate 10.

"I just want people to know that I'm not what they think I am," Davis said. "I'm not a crazy person or a murderer. I'm a good person."

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