St. Petersburg Times: 2004 Decision
St. Petersburg Times: 2004 Decision

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Race The Times Recommends
President John Kerry-D
U.S. Senate Betty Castor-D
U.S. House District 5 Virginia "Ginny" Brown-Waite-R
U.S. House District 9 Michael Bilirakis-R
U.S. House District 10 C.W. "Bill" Young-R
U.S. House District 11 Jim Davis-D
State Senate District 3 Nancy Argenziano-R
State Senate District 11 Mike Fasano-R
State Senate District 15 Paula Dockery-R
State House District 43 Charles Dean-R
State House District 44 David Russell-R
State House District 45 Tom Anderson-R
State House District 46 Dee Thomas-D
State House District 47 Kevin Ambler-R
State House District 51 Leslie Waters-R
State House District 52 Liz McCallum-D
State House District 56 Trey Traviesa-R
State House District 57 Deborah Cope-D
State House District 58 Bob "Coach" Henriquez-D
State House District 60 Karen Perez-D
State House District 62 Ashley Smith-D
Judicial merit retention
Supreme Court Justice Kenneth Bell:
Judicial merit retention
Supreme Court Justice Raoul Cantero
Judicial merit retention
DCA 2 judge Charles Canady
Judicial merit retention
DCA 2 judge Patricia Kelly
Judicial merit retention
DCA 2 judge Stevan Northcutt
Judicial merit retention
DCA 2 judge Craig Villanti
Judicial merit retention
DCA 2 judge Douglas Wallace
State amendment 1:
Parental abortion notice
State amendment 2:
Earlier petition initiative deadline
State amendment 3:
Limit lawyer fees in malpractice
State amendment 4:
Slots in Dade, Broward parimutuels
State amendment 5:
Minimum wage increase
State amendment 6:
Repeal high-speed rail
State amendment 7:
Disclosure of adverse medical incidents
State amendment 8:
3 strikes medical malpractice
Pinellas Commission District 1 Ronnie Duncan-R
Pinellas Commission District 3 Bob Stewart-R
Pinellas Commission District 5 Karen Seel-R
Pinellas Commission District 7 Ken Welch-D
Pinellas Clerk of Court Ken Burke-R
Pinellas Sheriff Jim Coats-R
Pinellas-Pasco Judge Circuit 6 Group 22 Jack Day
Pinellas: School tax increase Yes
Pinellas: Charter:
non-interference clause
Pinellas: Charter:
Administrator is budget officer
Pinellas: Charter:
Removal procedure for administrator
Pinellas: Charter:
Administrator's right to hire and fire
Pinellas: Charter:
Extend work of Charter commission
St. Petersburg referendum 1:
Lease of Bayfront Center
St. Petersburg referendum 2:
Transfer of museum land to university
St. Petersburg referendum 3:
Authorization of airport leases up to 25 years
St. Petersburg referendum 4: Authorization of seaport leases up to 25 years No
St. Petersburg referendum 5: Extension of marina lease Yes
Hillsborough Public Defender Julianne Holt-D
Hillsborough Clerk Pat Frank-D
Hillsborough Sheriff David Gee-R
HillsboroughElections supervisor Rob McKenna-D
Hillsborough Commission District 2 David Cutting-D
Hillsborough Commission District 4 Ronda Storms-R
Hillsborough Commission District 6 Bob Buckhorn-D
Hillsborough Commission District 7 Mark Sharpe-R
Hillsborough Judge Group 11 Henry Gill
Hillsborough School Board District 1 Janice J. Torgersen
Hillsborough Charter: appointment of attorney No
Pinellas-Pasco Judge Circuit 6 Group 22 Jack Day
Pasco: Clerk of the Circuit Court Robert N. Altman-D
Pasco: Sheriff Bob White-R
Pasco: Superintendent of Schools Heather Fiorentino-R
Pasco: Supervisor of Elections Kurt S. Browning-R
Pasco: County Commission 3 Ann Hildebrand-R
Pasco: County Commission 5 Peter A. Altman-D
Pasco: School Board 2 Marge Whaley
Hernando: Sheriff Richard Nugent-R
Hernando: County Commission 1 Jeff Stabins-R
Hernando: County Commission 3 Diane Rowden-D
Hernando: County Commmission 5 Christopher A. Kingsley-D
Brooksville City Commission District 2 David Pugh Jr.
Brooksville City Commission District 3 Brent Gaustad
Hernando: School Board 2 Linda K. Prescott
Citrus: Judge 5th Circuit Group 10 Michael Takac
Citrus: County Commission 1 Dennis Damato-R
Citrus: County Commission 5 Joyce Valentino-R
Citrus: School Board 4 Bill Murray
Citrus: School Board 5 Linda Powers
Citrus: Superintendent of Schools Sandra "Sam" Himmel-D
Citrus: Property Appraiser Melanie Hensley-R
Citrus: Sheriff Jeff Dawsy-D
Citrus: Crystal River City Council 1 John Kendall
Citrus: Crystal River City Council 3 Susan Kirk
Citrus: Crystal River City Council 5 Jim Farley

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