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Trivia quiz: Think you know the game of hockey?
Hockey 101: A quickie guide.
Forum: Join other fans around on the message board
Meet the team: A guide to the players and their roles.

Hockey School
Still new to the game of hockey? No problem. During the conference final, the Times will take a closer look at the sport and its many components. There will be a test after the game.
The Puck
What is it, and why is it frozen?

The Stick
Learn about twigs and lumber.

The Skate
Do you know the difference between a blade and a boat?

The Helmet
Buckets are worn with or without cages.

Goalie Equipment
From mask to leg pads.

Ice and Lines
What do the red and blue lines on the rink mean?

Winning control and positioning the puck.

Line changes
Changing players in the middle of the action.

Power plays
Most teams use what is known as the umbrella.

Penalty kills
Killing a penalty is the most grueling, taxing part of the game.

What's a major? What's a minor?

Who they are, what they do, and how they get there.

It's more than just one player throwing another into the boards.

Playoff formats
How the system evolved into what it is today.

Individual awards
How many are there? Who has votes?

Where do you want it and how fast?

Common hockey signals
How to figure out what penalty the official is signaling.

Outstanding teams, from the 1960's to the present.

Goaltender styles
Ways to keep the puck out of the net.

The minor leagues
Professional leagues that feature a less talented brand of hockey than the NHL offers.

The written and unwritten rules about fighting in hockey.

The neutral-zone trap
One strategy for protecting a small lead.

The left-wing lock
A system to disrupt the opposition before it has a chance to escape.

Making changes to improve the game.

Odd-man rushes
The three-on-two.

Gretzky's office
Gretzky's place on the ice.

How common are they?

Free agency
The varying levels of freedom.

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