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Software review

By DAVE GUSSOW, Times technology editor

© St. Petersburg Times, published January 3, 2000

Hardwood Hearts

  • Silver Creek Entertainment
  • $24.95 download; $29.95 CD-ROM

I confess: I enjoy playing cards on a computer, particularly Hearts online. In fact, I heard about Hardwood Hearts from another player online and decided to try it. It has three difficulty levels, different choices for games and strategy that comes as close to live cards as I have found in a game. It also allows players to meet online for live games. The only downside: The design of the face cards can make it difficult to distinguish hearts from diamonds and spades from clubs, particularly if the speed setting is too fast. The company says the CD-ROM version has more card artwork than the version that can be downloaded from I'd prefer a cleaner design and less of the medieval theme, but the quality of the strategy for a computer game keeps me coming back.

Platform: Windows

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