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Splitting the view of Windows Explorer

Q. I'm running Windows 95 and lost my split window on Windows Explorer (file manager). It shows one big window and displays only folders (not files). How do I get back the double window with folders on the left side and files on the right? Is there a way to get it to default to a specified drive when you open Explorer?

A. Running Windows Explorer with an /e parameter will produce a split view with folders on the left and files on the right. Combining this with a drive parameter will make it open to that drive. For example, to run Explorer to open with a split view to your D drive, create a shortcut by right-clicking an empty spot on your Desktop, select New, Shortcut, in the shortcut command line type: C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE D:,/e. Click Next, give the new shortcut a descriptive name then click Finish. You now have a shortcut on your desktop that will open Windows Explorer the way you want it.

Stepping through start-up

Q. How can the Windows 95 screen be prevented from coming up before Windows is fully loaded? It conceals the information that scrolls up the screen. Also how can I slow the the scrolling so I have a chance to read the information?

A. You can try the Step by Step Confirmation boot option by pressing the F8 key when you see Starting Windows 95. (Windows 98 users need to hold the Ctrl key.) This will allow you to step through the entire boot process. The Pause/Break key also can be used to stop the scrolling at any point during the boot process. Pressing the space bar will allow the boot process to continue.

A misfiring Canon

Q. When I print to my Canon BJC-240 Bubble Jet printer I get a message: "Internal error: Color adjustment methods will not be available." I have to click on OK or Cancel.

A. Here are two solutions from others who had the same problem: First, click Start, Settings, Printers, right-click your BJC-240 icon and select Properties, then Options. Click the Color Adjustments area and click on None (it may be on Automatic). If this doesn't work, make sure you have the latest version of the drivers (v3.95 or higher).

Eliminating sign-on prompt

Q. I had to reformat my computer after a virus attack and reload Windows 95. Now I get a sign-on box saying "Welcome to Windows 95" and asking for my password.

Q. When I recently upgraded my computer, Windows 98 was installed for me. My only complaint is the box that appears for sign-in. Although I can eliminate the box by pressing cancel, I must do this every time I turn on the computer. Can I remove this nuisance?

A. Go to Control Panel and double-click the Network icon. Make sure that the Primary Network Logon setting is set to Windows Logon. Next, while still in Control Panel, double-click Passwords. On the User Profiles tab, make sure the "All users of this computer use the same preferences and desktop settings" option is selected. Finally, click back on the Change Passwords tab, click the Change Windows Password button and change your password to spaces (if it already is, click OK). Reboot and you should no longer receive the prompt.

Personalizing 'Send To'

Something I always do on a new to computer is add a shortcut to Notepad.exe in the Send To folder. This allows me to right-click any file, select Send To, then click Notepad and have its contents displayed automatically within Notepad. Of course you could substitute WordPad or any other program or even folders. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the \Windows\SendTo folder. Right-click an empty area inside the folder and select New, then Shortcut. In the Shortcut wizard, enter Notepad.exe in the Command Line, click Next, then enter Notepad and click Finish.

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