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Joy! One set of bookmarks!

If your day job involves sitting at a desk and you don't have an ultra-paranoid employer, you might be blessed with Internet access. If that's the case, I'd bet a dollar that you've got two sets of bookmarks -- one at the office and one at home. And never the twain shall meet. Keeping them in synch is a royal pain, and when you're itching to get at that perfect site to solve a problem, it's sitting in the wrong set of bookmarks. Yahoo's companion is just what the doctor ordered: If you drive a Windows PC, it'll integrate with your browser and provide you with an always-on search bar. Mac, Linux and other infidels can access, the HTML version. Not as nice but both keep each other up to date. If you're Windows at work and not at home, you're in luck.

Halloween already?

Of course not, but if you're smart with words and good at sucking up to a bunch of ornery Brits, you could have the most unique costume this October. Or just a really neat set of pajamas if you can't wait until then. Tech industry gossip e-rag, the Register, is running a competition to win an Intel bunny suit. It's open only until Jan. 31, so no slacking if you want to win.

Couldn't make a gnome laugh

Now I have seen it all, and this site tops my personal absurd product list. Yes, dear discerning consumer, you can be the first on your block to have checks and credit card with rock-sellout David Bowie's image emblazoned upon them. It's not enough that our David has sold off the rights to his entire back catalog (so we can delight at the thought of hearing Rebel, Rebel over some vapid car commercial) but now a credit card? Maybe it's a good financial package but when I get home, I'm setting fire to my copies of Scary Monsters and Hunky Dory. I don't think I can listen to them anymore.

Holy Mac!

It's not just Windows-wonks and Unix-weenies that can run into serious security problems, according to this site. It's the first site I've come across that's dedicated to the other computer and security. Did you know that Mac OS 9's disk encryption scheme is easily broken with a few lines of code? If your Mac is hooked to a cable modem or you're worried your stolen PowerBook might reveal your darkest financial details, read and bookmark this site.

Hoax round up

Forgive the uber-URL but this site is worth it. If you're bombarded by "friends" who forward e-mail from Bill Gates who'll pay a dollar for each business card you forward to somebody who has played Elf Bowling after having their kidneys removed after a hotel party, you'll finally have some ammo to get them off your back. It's a round up of current net hoaxes, urban legends and other rumors.

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