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Be a pest, be a pest be a pest!

That's how a Utah woman got the NFL to let her buy two tickets to the Super Bowl.


© St. Petersburg Times, published January 19, 2001

Want tickets to the Super Bowl? It may simply take persistence. That's how a Utah woman landed a pair of seats last week.

Tammy Christensen, who was born in Tampa and whose 36th birthday is Jan. 28, Super Bowl Sunday, said she bugged NFL officials for months until they offered her the chance to purchase two tickets at $325 each.

"I never give up," Christensen, a high-tech public relations specialist, told the St. Petersburg Times by telephone Thursday. "There are a lot of people who are dream crushers out there, but you have to hold on to your dreams and believe in it enough and not let it escape you."

Christensen said she tried to get a pair of tickets through the league's lottery system in February but wasn't chosen in November. Determined not to let her Super Bowl dream die, she called the league's headquarters in New York and told officials how desperate she was to get tickets because the game is in her hometown and it is on her birthday.

She said she kept asking the same official (she wouldn't give his name), buttering him up with Christmas cards, letters and a top 10 list of reasons the league should allow her to buy tickets. Her top reason was: "You'll never know when the favor will be returned to you."

She said she offered her public relations services in return for tickets, but the league didn't budge. She said she faxed the league copies of her airplane ticket and her driver's license to prove her commitment to attending the game.

"I just couldn't imagine myself standing outside that stadium and not being a part of that game," she said.

Finally, she said she received an invoice in the mail last week for the purchase of two tickets. She said she thanked the league by e-mail.

"I was jumping up and down," said Christensen, who plans to take her husband, Scott, to the game. "My husband said we should have a party for my birthday, but now I'm going to have the biggest birthday party ever. I'm having 77,000 people at my party."

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