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Sehorn prepared to listen to more of Sharpe's words

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© St. Petersburg Times, published January 20, 2001

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Jason Sehorn was talking the other day about the ubiquitous TV commercial in which he plays the straight man to Shannon Sharpe's wanton babbler.

They will play similar roles Jan. 28, when Sehorn, a Giants cornerback, and Sharpe, a Ravens tight end, square off in Super Bowl XXXV. Sharpe is a woofer on the football field, where Sehorn is generally more peaceable.

"He gets mad when he can't work out," Sehorn said about Sharpe during the filming. "And he's one of the more finicky eaters I've ever seen. Chicken. Period. That's it. But he doesn't say much. It's amazing the difference between people on the field and off. He's ... a complete opposite."

Look who's talking. Sehorn has served as a pitch man for a number of companies in recent years, and he has shown repeatedly that he can string together words with the best. He just happens to do most of his talking, and performing, off the field.

"They put two people in that commercial for a purpose," he said, smiling. "They knew the personalities of the people well enough."

Sehorn limits bragging about football and even seems to relish self-deprecation.

"It's not like I shut (Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss) down," he said. "It was a scheme."

BEST OF FRIENDS: The Giants and Ravens are very comfortable in each other's company.

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis got away from the media heat in Baltimore long enough to come to New York for dinner with Giants linebacker Jessie Armstead on Tuesday night, Armstead said Wednesday. The old friends and former college stars at Miami will fraternize next week in Tampa as well.

"Most definitely I'm going to see him," Armstead said. "We'll probably go out to eat. That's not going to change us. When we go out on the field, we're two competitors."

There are other connections. Giants owner Wellington Mara has been friends with counterpart Art Modell; the two talked this week. New York coach Jim Fassel helped Brian Billick with his decision when he took the Baltimore job. They also spoke this week and agreed they were excited about meeting in their first Super Bowl because it means so much to Mara and Modell.

Giants defensive end Michael Strahan went to one of the restaurants owned by Ravens defensive tackle Tony Siragusa in Pine Brook, N.J., for a Sports Illustrated photo shoot together Tuesday night. Afterward, the friends sat down to eat.

And Sehorn and Sharpe shot their commercial together. They became so friendly during the filming that Sehorn invited Sharpe to his wedding with Law & Order television star Angie Harmon. "I just hope they don't take the invitation back after we beat them," Sharpe said.

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