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Who will be Super Bowl MVP?


© St. Petersburg Times, published January 21, 2001

"Ray Lewis. He's the best defensive player out there today."

Corey Bethune, St. Petersburg

"Trent Dilfer. He's struggled hard, six years. He's a good ballplayer, he's going to play a nice, easy game, take his time and be very successful. He won't be a Doug Williams (the 1988 Super Bowl MVP), but he's in line for (MVP) right now."

Eddie Wolanin, Brandon

"Dilfer. This is his home, and he has a lot to prove to himself, I think, and to Tampa Bay. I know he doesn't have any hard feelings (toward the area), and I don't want him to think that we do. I've been a Bucs fan forever, so why not Dilfer (as MVP)? I think it'd be pretty cool."

Sandi MacKenzie, St. Petersburg

"Dilfer, because I'm originally from Baltimore. I don't know anybody else on the team, so I'll pick Dilfer."

Joe Morea, St. Petersburg

"Not Trent Dilfer. I'd have to say Ray Lewis. The Baltimore defense is good."

Tom Russo, Largo

- Compiled by PETE YOUNG

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