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By Times staff writer

© St. Petersburg Times, published January 22, 2001

Bucs needed Dilfer

Trent Dilfer is not "franchise quarterback" material and no one will disagree on that. But he can win. It helps when he is on a team that doesn't have to score a ton of points.

I too would have started Shaun King this year if I were Tony Dungy, and probably never would have called Dilfer's number. But Dilfer should have been the answer as the Bucs backup, and that would have made the Bucs a better team.

-- P. Michael Natale, Chicago (transplanted from Clearwater)

The Dilfer paradox

The paradox of Trent Dilfer, Super Bowl quarterback, will be poked, probed and otherwise pulled inside out this week. The man who couldn't win over Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans during a six-year run will serve as a lightning rod for the Baltimore Ravens' legions in his old neighborhood. The player who couldn't win the big game for Tampa Bay will try to win the biggest game of all for Baltimore.

-- Ken Murray, Baltimore Sun

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Today’s Super Bowl story lineup

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