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Clearing things up

You've surely received an acronym, fully buzzword-enabled e-mail from a chum boasting of some minor techno miracle. And then you scratched your head while thinking, "What the heck does all this mean?" Well, fear not: Copy and paste the text into this site and it'll remove the babel in short measure. I keyed in a few of my three-letter favorites and even dug out some past columns before being distracted by some wireless something-or-other announcement on a news site.

Mystery du jour

My inner social scientist revels in a little mass hysteria. What with this Year 2K thing firmly in the past, I thought the noughts were going to be an uninteresting decade. Ah, but little did we expect fabulously dumb TV such as Survivor and this IT thing. Known to some as Ginger, this invention is reported to be somewhere between a souped-up Razor scooter and the Big Bang itself. My mind wanders back to the early '80s and Clive Sinclair's C5 man-powered scooter. The UK media hopped on the bandwagon and promptly hopped back off shortly after the thing was launched. Expect history to repeat itself in 2002.

Paper or Plastic?

What seems like ages ago, I stumbled on a News for Nerds site called, as did tons of other geeks who, like me, were hooked in an instant, proving that content is king. The keen minds behind that site came up with a nifty way of posting news. Then the users posted comments about each story. It was sort of a benevolent dictatorship if you will. It seems this way of producing news has caught on in a big way. Here's a Slash style site from those fiendish wags over at Feedback is divine.

Image is everything

I can't help myself when it comes down to interesting images, whether they're of nature, science or some other fascinating visual feast. The latest site to hit the top of the bookmarks is this one. It's loaded with more pictures of airplanes than you could shake a stick at (as we say in the South). Do a search on Air India and marvel at the moon shot over Boston's Logan airport. Beautiful.

Making a (good) case

There's something not quite right with most of the personal digital assistant cases I've had. My main gripe is that PDA cases are poorly thought out and attempt a one-size-fits-all approach. It's great for sweaters but irritating when putting your Palm where you iPAQ ought to be. This most certainly is not the, ahem, case at Not only do they fit the PDA like a leather glove, but certain models take expansion packs and wireless modems into account. It's a well designed product line.

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