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Defensive tackle Tony Siragusa on what the Super Bowl will be like:


© St. Petersburg Times, published January 23, 2001

Defensive tackle Tony Siragusa on what the Super Bowl will be like:

"I think it's going to be a brawl. It's old-time football, strap it on, get dirty."

Defensive end Michael McCrary on the latitude given the team by coach Brian Billick:

"It's just responsibility as a man that you're given. We don't need to be treated like kids. It's been like that since Brian has been here."

Wide receiver Qadry Ismail on the pronunciation of his first name:

"It's CAH-dree, CAH-dree, not Quah-dree. Think of me as a Russian figure skater at the Olympics whose name you have to learn how to pronounce."

Siragusa on Giants veteran offensive tackle Lomas Brown:

"My grandfather used to watch Lomas Brown, he's so old. He's a warrior."

Ismail on what he hopes for at the Super Bowl:

"To look up at the scoreboard (when the game is over) and see that we have one more point than the Giants."

McCrary on the style of play of the Ravens defense:

"Aggressive. Aggressive, attacking style. Furious."

McCrary on how good the Ravens defense is:

"We could take this defense to the Pro Bowl and shut them out, no problem."

Ismail on the team not having a curfew this week:

"(Billick) has treated us like adults and professionals. This week I believe is no different."

Siragusa on Giants running back Tiki Barber:

"We want to let him know it's going to be a war for every yard."

Siragusa on the Ravens' practices:

"(Billick) is not a guy who is going to go out and physically kill us (with excessively demanding practices)."

McCrary on whether the Ravens defense needs to play great in the Super Bowl to be considered one of the great defenses of all time:

"I think we need a good performance to validate this defense."

Siragusa on how the Ravens quickly were able to prepare for the Super Bowl after the conference title game:

"Everything was planned out five weeks ago. Three or four days after we realized we were going to the playoffs, Billick had a schedule all mapped out ... including the Super Bowl."



Coach Jim Fassel on the two-week break before the game:

"This is the first time I've done this, but from what I've seen I think having the (two-week) break before the Super Bowl is definitely the way to go. Having one week makes it very difficult to put game plans together because of all the distractions going on. Plus with two weeks, it gives you a chance for some of the better players to heal up."

Fassel on quarterback Kerry Collins:

"The Kerry Collins that I know is an outstanding young man, not just as a football player, but as a person. He has grown up and accepted the responsibility for himself. I think he'll handle this week very well. ... I'll tell you what, Kerry Collins has taken the New York Giants to the Super Bowl, but that is not the true success story. The true success story is Kerry Collins becoming the fine young man that he has become."

Giants running back Tiki Barber on being in Tampa, where his twin brother, Tampa Bay Bucs cornerback Ronde, lives:

"It's kind of cool having my brother around because I can get away. He has a gate and I can go over there and get away."

Linebacker Micheal Barrow on the atmosphere at Monday's practice:

"Monday was a normal practice, except at first some of the guys were a little nervous because it was a little different situation. It's like getting ready for your wedding. At first you're a little nervous, like when you go to the wedding rehearsal. But the coach came out and said a few things and it was like business as usual."

Cornerback Jason Sehorn on how far he has come in life:

"As the game gets closer, you think about where you came from. I mean, I came from a town of 5,000 and there's probably close to 5,000 media around this tent. I've come a long way. ... You think about the road traveled and the detours and decisions you could have made along the way. Looking back, I think I've made pretty good decisions."

Linebacker Jessie Armstead on Baltimore being the favorite:

"We're the underdogs, and I say it with a half-smile because we've always been the underdogs. Maybe if we do something on Sunday, somebody will finally notice us."


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