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Bucs vs. Rams
January 24, 2000
super heartbreak
Dilfer and King
[Times photo: Jim Damaske]
Bucs QB Shaun King is comforted on sideline by Trent Dilfer.

The game in photos

A punchless offense and a controversial replay ruling help end the Bucs' season 11-6 to the Rams. Main story

Sometimes it is just as easy as a snap
The Bucs had two plays this season that, if not for a delay in snapping the ball ... oh, what might have been:

Ineffective attack finally costs Bucs
A season-long fear rears its head one final, crushing time: offense lets defense down.

Defense's spy scheme shuts Faulk down
ST. LOUIS -- The Bucs defense wanted to shut down Rams running back Marshall Faulk and shut him down they did.

Bucs covered primary concern
The secondary kept the Rams' speedy wide receivers in check for the whole game, and played perfectly (almost) on the play that beat them.

Locker room is a house of pain
Controversial reversal and trash-talking leave players dejected, angry.

The Party Line
ST. LOUIS -- The difference between Bucs Backers and Rams Fans isn't team loyalty or love of the game.

Bad call does in Bucs; offense doesn't help
I have seen my share of bad refereeing in my lifetime. But the replay reversal of Bert Emanuel's shoestring catch is undoubtedly the worst call in the history of professional sports!

Patience pays off for Rams
High-powered offense was slowed, but pounced when it got a chance.

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Not Enough
A stellar defense offsets a struggling offense as the Bucs manage to force the Rams into their style of game. But they can't find a way to win ugly.
Gary Shelton

Six points doesn't cut it for King, Bucs
ST. LOUIS -- Bless him. Shaun King is going to be NFL okay. But on the Sunday of The Super Tease, his cradle got rocked. At the NFC Championship plateau, it hurt being a rookie. Hurt just enough. King's shortfalls were understandable. Even predictable.
Hubert Mizell

Emanuel: No need for review

ST. LOUIS -- Tony Dungy toed the company line. Shaun King said he stopped watching the play. But Bert Emanuel had absolutely no doubt: His reception in the fourth quarter Sunday that was changed by instant replay to an incomplete pass was good and legal.

From the rule book
POSSESSION: When a player controls the ball throughout ...

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