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Giants quotebook

Compiled from Times wires

© St. Petersburg Times, published January 24, 2001

Quarterback Kerry Collins on his career controversies: "Do I like rehashing my problems all of the time? No, but that's part of the deal. To be able to talk about it openly and honestly is therapeutic. I think it shows I've turned the corner in a lot of ways."

Collins on his alcohol problems: "I was described as a lost soul one time. I definitely think that was the case. Certainly alcohol was a big part of the problems that I had in Charlotte. As everybody saw in those two years, the confusion, the angst, the anger that I was experiencing came to the fore. Alcohol fueled it."

Defensive end Michael Strahan on his gap-toothed grin: "We're going to have a gap-tooth convention. ... Lauren Hutton is the most famous. I ... thanked her for making gap tooth fashionable. Hopefully, I can take it to another level for all the gap tooth people in the world. We have Madonna, David Letterman; you better watch out for all of us."

Coach Jim Fassel, when asked how the Giants would block the two fat guys in the middle of the Ravens defense: "We got two fat butts blocking them."

Linebacker Jessie Armstead: "I've been knowing how to play football since I was starting when I was 14 years old. And I was the best in the country when I was 15."

Armstead on the Ravens claiming they have the best defense in football: "One thing about it, they say it, and then they go out and prove it, so there's nothing you can say about it. They've proven it for the last 15, 16, 17 weeks."

Cornerback Jason Sehorn on his good-guy image: "I want to be a good example for someone to look up to. You don't have to worry about me throwing anybody through plate-glass windows or embarrassing the organization."

Offensive guard Glenn Parker on the key to facing massive Ravens defensive tackle Tony Siragusa: "Don't rub up too much against him. Friction can cause grease fires."

Offensive tackle Lomas Brown on the falling out with the Cleveland Browns that led to his signing with New York: "I don't know why I couldn't work with the coaching staff, and why it deteriorated the way it did. But it did, and it was the first time in my career for something like that to happen. But I'm here at the Super Bowl and they're home, so I'll just leave it at that."

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