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Ravens quotebook

Compiled from Times wires

© St. Petersburg Times, published January 24, 2001

Ravens owner Art Modell, on what he might have done if another owner had moved to Baltimore first: "I'd still be in Cleveland, looking for other options until they did something for us. I had no alternate plan. I do know that Mike (Bengals president Mike Brown) was looking at Baltimore. Others teams were, too."

Modell, on whether he could have gotten a new stadium and overall improvements in Cleveland if he had stayed long enough: "No way. No way. Anybody who says anything to the contrary is not telling the truth."

Linebacker Peter Boulware, on how the Baltimore defense might rank in history: "I'd have to say that if we win this game on Sunday, that we have the greatest defense of all time."

Cornerback Chris McAlister on the talk that New York will attack the Ravens' cornerbacks, which some critics have said is Baltimore's weakest defensive link: "If they want to attack our corners, then I say more power to 'em. Bring it on."

Defensive tackle Tony Siragusa, on what job he would like to have besides football player: "I'd like to have my own television show. I'd certainly ask better questions than I got asked today."

Ravens tight end Shannon Sharpe, on the media horde around Ray Lewis: "I just hate the fact for why they're over there. If they're over there because they're interviewing the guy who had a hell of a season, I'm all for that. If they're over there interviewing because he's the defensive player of the year, I'm all for that. But all those hidden agendas. We all know that's what sells papers. Me talking about having to go out and play well and not turn the ball over, that's not going to sell papers. But to try to get Ray Lewis to crack, that's what going to sell. That's what I'm disappointed about."

Defensive tackles Sam Adams on Tampa's weather: "It's 40 degrees out here, so I feel great. I mean, it's freezing in Baltimore, so this feels fantastic. Then again, it doesn't matter what the temperature is, because we're here to win a football game and that's all that matters."

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