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Sharpe remarks


© St. Petersburg Times, published January 24, 2001

On talking trash: In a game like this, no one wants to talk to me. I don't know why. Maybe my breath stinks or something. I have a good time with it. I never take it so seriously that I lose focus on what I'm actually doing, and that's playing a game. I enjoy it. I'm sure some of the guys don't enjoy me ribbing them. ... I'm pretty aware of what guys do, where they went to school, if they're married or unmarried. The one thing I've always prided myself on is not talking about anyone's wife or mom. Anything other than that is fair game.

On the people who would like to shut him up: You know how many people actually have done that? My mom and grandmom. (Not older brother Sterling?) No. I'm better-looking. I've got more rings and I've got more money.

Weather he's always been a talker: Yeah. I got in trouble for it. When I was at home, my grandmother said, "Wait till you go to school to talk," and when I got to school, the teachers said, "Wait till you get home to talk." ... The teachers lost.

On his comfort at dealing with the media: When I was growing up, I would talk in the mirror and ask myself questions because I knew I was going to be famous. I didn't think I was going to be a football player, but I knew ... I'd have to answer questions.

On his portfolio in comparison with TV commercial partner Jason Sehorn's: I think I've made a little more money a lot longer than he has, but he's marrying an actress and they've probably pooled their money together. My girlfriend doesn't work.

Whether reaching the Super Bowl is a personal redemption: I'm a firm believer in this. Mike (Shanahan) just didn't feel I could make the plays that would justify him paying me the money that the Ravens paid me. I understand that, and the thing is, I respect Mike's opinion. You don't become two-time Super Bowl champions -- and he won a third one as a coordinator for San Francisco -- without being a good coach, without understanding personnel, without understanding your players. ... No hard feelings. On Jim Fassel: I love Fassel. ... When Fassel came in (at Denver), he found ways to get me the football. He asked me what I liked to do. He put me in motion. He put me in the slot. He lined me out wide. When Wade (Phillips) got fired, I really kind of wanted Fassel to get the job. I'd probably have 150 more catches. On his team's vaunted defense: It's the greatest show on Earth.

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