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AFC guest analyst: Kim Bokamper


© St. Petersburg Times, published January 26, 2001

Retired defensive end Kim Bokamper, a sportscaster in Miami, played for the Dolphins in Super Bowls XVII and XIX. He spoke with staff writer Joanne Korth about the Ravens-Giants matchup.

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I think the Giants are a more well-balanced football team. They've got an offense that can score points and move the ball and they have a defense that plays extremely well. I look at the Ravens as a little bit more, I don't want to say one-dimensional, but they're going to have to win on defense or special teams.

The Ravens are going to have to force some turnovers and their offense is going to have to score off those turnovers. I look at the Ravens offense and they have a quarterback, Trent Dilfer, who's throwing for 140, 150, 160 yards a game. In a game of this magnitude, you need to have someone who's explosive. You can't rely on a Shannon Sharpe miracle play every game, and that's what they've done. The more balanced you are coming into a game like this, the better opportunity you have.

A miracle play can win the Super Bowl, but the Ravens have done it for three weeks a row. You're pressing your luck to say that Dilfer is going to throw a 10-yard pass and Shannon Sharpe is going to take it 96 yards again. Or that it's going to bounce off Terrell Buckley and he's going to spin out of a tackle and go the distance.

I think the Ravens defense has to be worth 14 points for them to win, either by a turnover and scoring themselves or by getting a turnover and putting the offense in position to score in short order. I don't think the Ravens can get the ball at the 20-yard line six times in the course of a game and go down the field and score.

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