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Celebrity predictions

By Times staff writer

© St. Petersburg Times, published January 26, 2001

WILLIE JACKSON, SAINTS WIDE RECEIVER AND EX-FLORIDA GATOR: "I really don't know. It's going to be a great game, a great defensive battle. It's just going to be a fun game to watch."

TRACY McGRADY, ORLANDO MAGIC FORWARD AND CENTRAL FLORIDA NATIVE: "I'm with the Ravens. Ray Lewis is a hometown guy."

DOC RIVERS, MAGIC COACH: "Super Bowl? I have no prediction. I hope it's a good game."

RYAN McNEIL, COWBOYS DEFENSIVE BACK AND EX-MIAMI HURRICANE: "There are a lot of Hurricanes on both teams, but I would have to kind of lean toward the Giants because they're in our division, and (Giants linebackers) Micheal (Barrow) and Jessie (Armstead) are in my class at Miami. I love (Baltimore players and ex-Hurricanes) Ray (Lewis), (Duane) Starks and Kipp (Vickers), my fellow Hurricanes, but I've got to go with the New York Giants."

CASEY WELDON, XFL BIRMINGHAM BOLTS QUARTERBACK AND FORMER BUCCANEER: "I got to go with my golfing buddy Trent Dilfer coming back to Tampa and making everybody kiss his ... anyways, score will be 3-2."

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