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Web site of the day


Along with a definition for sesquipedalian (which means, oddly enough, relating to unusually long words) are fun glossaries for Ravens and Giants fans. Some of the entries are pretty rude: the Giants listing defines "raven" thusly: "a five-dollar word for a maladjusted, malnourished avian creature on the verge of extinction." The Ravens list the Giants as "champions of the Jersey Swamplands." So if there's any trouble this weekend, tell 'em to look it up in their Funk & Wagnalls.

eBay item of the day

Inflatable fun

Online auction site eBay.com has more than 4,500 Super Bowl-related items up for bid. Each day, we take a look at one of our favorites:

Much of Super Bowl week is just a lot of hot air, so it's no surprise that the souvenir inflatable chairs a certain beverage sponsor is offering have been hot commodities. More than 60 have sold in the past week, for as much as $64, and another dozen are up for auction in the days leading up to Sunday's big game. Buy one quickly and it can add to your game-day decor. And make sure they throw in the inflatable pillow and ottoman. Check: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1109518109. -- GREG AUMAN

Super Bowl heroes: Where are they now?

Jack Squirek

Former Los Angeles Raiders linebacker Jack Squirek made the cover of Sports Illustrated after returning an interception 5 yards for a touchdown against the Redskins in Super Bowl XVIII, played at Tampa Stadium in 1984. The Raiders were up 14-3 and had the Redskins deep in their territory when Squirek replaced Matt Millen in the lineup. His interception (of Joe Theismann) and runback gave control to the Raiders, who won 38-9.

Seven months later Squirek broke his jaw and was never the same. The Raiders cut him in 1986 and he retired soon after. He never cashed in on his fame, he told the Newark Star-Ledger, but he will make the rounds at the parties in Tampa this week. He owns a cleaning service in Ohio. -- SHARON GINN

Obscure player of the day

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn (6 feet 3, 300 pounds) is hard to miss, unless he's surrounded by other offensive linemen. In that case, he's just one of the guys who made it -- barely.

Consider 1997: Flynn signed with Baltimore as a free-agent rookie from the University of Maine in March; he was waived a few months later, promptly signed with Tampa Bay's practice squad, was released, signed with Jacksonville's practice squad in November and then was signed to Baltimore's active squad in December 1997.

He has been in the league ever since, climbing from two years of largely special-team duties, to this season in which he started as a guard and center in all 16 regular-season games and through the playoffs. -- SCOTT PURKS

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