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Tickets tossed in trash

By Times staff writer

© St. Petersburg Times, published January 26, 2001

A couple of Giants fans rushed back into Jackson's Bistro on Tampa's Harbour Island Tuesday night in a panic. They had just enjoyed a leisurely meal, then driven away without the three $450 Super Bowl tickets they had on their table.

By the time the ashen-faced fans got back, the tickets were gone.

"The guys who bused that table are Brazilian, they don't even speak English," said waiter Eric Ruiz. "They didn't even know what the tickets were."

Another waiter, Augusto Bernuy, dug through a couple of garbage cans before finding the tickets, still dripping with food particles.

"When Augusto handed them over, the two New York guys were so happy they just grabbed 'em and ran out of the restaurant," Ruiz said. "Some of the guys were saying, "Augusto, you're a great humanitarian.' Others were saying, "You coulda sold those tickets for a bundle. You probably coulda got three grand for 'em.' "


"Is there a fine (too high) to get into the Super Bowl? After 11 years and all the surgeries? I don't know if I'd trade my kid, but I'd have to think about it."

Tony Siragusa, on his fine for knocking Raiders QB Rich Gannon out of the AFC Championship.

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