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What's the greatest Super Bowl of all time?

By Times staff writer

© St. Petersburg Times, published January 26, 2001

"San Francisco and Cincinnati was the best one. Besides being a 49ers fan, that game came right down to the wire. It had Montana, it had The Drive. What else can you ask for in a Super Bowl?"

-- Andre Locke, 37, Dade City

"Whichever one the Redskins were in a long, long time ago. That should make my dad happy."

-- Meaghan O'Brien, 21, Baltimore

"Last year's was the best because I got to go to the game. I got to be a hot dog salesman for the game (working for a charity)."

-- R.J. Bent, 28, Washington

"Giants against the Colts (1958). That was the NFL Championship Game, but I think that was better than any of the Super Bowls. I wasn't there, but I've seen it on ESPN Classic. Those guys played with a little more heart than they do today."

-- Lee Marsh, 31, St. Petersburg

"The last time the Super Bowl was here when the Giants played the Bills. That came down to the end (and Scott Norwood missed the field-goal attempt). Ottis Anderson, I remember, had a big game and the war was going on at the time. That was pretty memorable."

-- Bob Armstrong, 37, Tampa

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