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The Bucs' Green rolls to Madden video title


© St. Petersburg Times, published January 27, 2001

TAMPA -- Hold on, Tony. Sorry, Clyde. Another internal candidate has emerged for the Bucs offensive coordinator position.

It's Jacquez Green, the Tampa Bay wideout who proved he knows how to move the sticks, score points and throw the damn ball -- on the PlayStation 2, anyway.

"I could probably do the job," a confident Green said afterward. "I bet we'd average about 47 points a game."

That's how he won the seventh annual Madden Bowl 2001 on Thursday night at Ybor City's Green Iguana. EA Sports sponsors the annual video-game challenge, bringing together the NFL's best to play its popular Madden NFL 2001 video game.

Green started by routing Saints defensive tackle La'Roi Glover, as Green's Redskins stomped Glover's Bills 48-2.

"I could have scored 90 if I wanted to," Green said.

Charlie Batch, playing the Lions, conceded while trailing Green's Redskins 28-7 at halftime.

Only Bengals tailback Corey Dillon stood between Green and the title. "Watch this," Green said, sucking on a cigar and sipping a drink as he settled into his seat. "Steve Spurrier right here."

Dillon did his own trash-talking -- "I'm going to show him the real deal" -- and brought good friend Brent Miller with him, whom he described as his personal trainer.

"He's hard to stop, even if you know what's coming," Miller said. "We played two games last night before we flew down here to get ready."

Dillon said he plays about three times a week and is the best Bengals player. Miller did admit, though, that when Cincinnati held its tournament, linebacker Adrian Ross beat Dillon in the championship.

"This is his chance for redemption," Miller said, echoing a common Super Bowl theme.

Green was having none of it. With both players insisting on being Washington, it was 35-7 for the Bucs receiver at one point and Green gave television cameras the throat-slashing gesture.

On defense, Green sent Bruce Smith to wreak havoc in the Cincinnati free agent's backfield. On special teams, Green blocked two punts in the end zone with Champ Bailey. On offense, Green threw bombs to Michael Westbrook and pounded away with Stephen Davis.

Dungy might not appreciate how many sacks Green allowed. But when every other pass is a touchdown, who cares?

The final: Green 42, Dillon 17.

In case you're wondering, Green claims to be the Bucs' PlayStation champion as well.

"One night on the road," he said. "I beat seven straight guys."

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