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AFC guest analyst


© St. Petersburg Times, published January 28, 2001

CNN analyst Trev Alberts retired in 1997 after three injury-plagued seasons with the Colts. He spoke with staff writer Joanne Korth about the Ravens-Giants matchup:

* * *

I like the Giants because they have the ability to challenge the Ravens defense. Much is being made of the Ravens defense, and they are great, but the Giants have a great defense, too, and they're being overlooked. And, let's face it, they have one thing to defend. It's a great story the Ravens are here, but the reality is they can run a little bit and they have Shannon Sharpe. ... I don't see the Ravens making more than four or five first downs. Everybody is excited about the Giants offense because of what they did against the Vikings, but let's not forget that they are not a prolific offense. They are middle- to bottom of the pack in the NFL.

So, the score will be 9-6, and some people will say, "What a great Super Bowl." I say no. This is supposed to be the best the NFL has to offer, and one offense can't do half of what its coach wants it to do and the other is middle of the league. When you get to the Super Bowl, your weaknesses will be exposed. The Giants have fewer weaknesses to be exposed.

I also like the Giants' approach. They are much more businesslike. Baltimore is coming in with a swagger, having fun.

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