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Third quarter: Play by play

By Times staff writer

© St. Petersburg Times, published January 29, 2001

Ravens ball

1-10-B22: Offside

1-5-B27: Dilfer 8 pass to Stokley

1-10-B35: Ja.Lewis 2 run

2-8-B37: Ja.Lewis 4 pass from Dilfer

3-4-B41: Strahan, Griffin sack -8

4-12-B33: Punt

Giants ball

1-10-NY21: Barber 2 run

2-8-NY23: Collins 5 run

3-3-NY28: Collins 7 pass to Hilliard

1-10-NY35: McCrary sack -8

2-18-NY27: Herring INT

Ravens ball

1-10-NY41: Ja.Lewis 5 run

2-5-NY36: Ja.Lewis 5 run

1-10-NY31: Ja.Lewis 1 run

2-9-NY30: Banks pass inc

3-9-NY30: Holmes 6 run

4-3-NY24: Stover 41 FG no good

Giants ball

1-10-NY31: Collins 1 pass to Barber

2-9-NY32: Collins pass inc

3-9-NY32: Collins 7 pass to Barber

4-2-NY39: Punt

Ravens ball

1-10-B17: Dilfer pass inc

2-10-B17: Dilfer pass inc

3-10-B17: Dilfer pass inc

4-10-B17: Punt

Giants ball

1-10-NY44: Starks 49 INT for TD

Giants ball

Dixon 97 kick return TD

Ravens ball

Je.Lewis 84 kick return TD

Giants ball

1-10-NY25: Barber 0 run

2-10-NY25: Collins pass inc

3-10-NY25: Collins pass inc

4-10-NY25: Punt

Ravens ball

1-10-B36: Ja.Lewis 1 run

2-9-B37: Dilfer 11 pass to Coates

1-10-B48: Ja.Lewis 2 run

2-8-50: Dilfer 5 pass to Sharpe

End of quarter

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