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  • System: PlayStation
  • Price: $39.99
  • Company: Infogrames

Clearly, Smurfs was designed with small children in mind, but that doesn't mean big kids can't have fun with it, too. Learn the ropes of this run-and-jump game on "piece of cake" mode, then challenge the new perils of "it's no picnic." Very smurfy indeed. Grade: B


  • System: Dreamcast
  • Price: $49.99
  • Company: Metro3D

Here's a unique game that has you exploring the recesses of space as one of six races. Build up your ship and rendezvous with other ships, noting their coordinates and the coordinates of other beneficial places. Up to four players can team up to defeat the evil Armada. Grade: C+

Cool Boarders 4

  • System: PlayStation
  • Price: $39.99
  • Company: 989 Studios

You'll catch so much air in this game it'll make you sick. Sure, there are six events on five mountains, but the tricks make this game. Grade: A

V-Rally 99

  • System: Nintendo 64
  • Price: $49.99
  • Company: Infogrames

The best racing game to hit the N64 in a while is an arcade game at heart. Take your rally car to 10 countries and play beat the clock. Change your tires and suspension to adapt to mud, ice or pavement, not to mention varying weather conditions. Grade: B+


  • System: PlayStation
  • Price: $39.99
  • Company: EASports

This racer is for NASCAR fans and otherwise offensive-minded drivers. Dozens of real drivers, their cars and interactive pit stops add to the authenticity of this one. Grade: B


  • System: Game Boy Color
  • Price: $29.99
  • Company: Infogrames

Ballistic starts with the same concept as its PlayStation counterpart and shrinks it. The result remains addicting but is a little hard on the eyes. Still, for Tetris fans, it is a new challenge. Grade: B

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