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It's the simple things in life

My fascination with this site clearly says something about my attention span, or perhaps being dragged up as part of the MTV generation. Maybe a few weeks of therapy can help explain it. If Saturday Night Live's Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy were ever to be shortened to a 15-second spot, this site would be the script. It's a collection of user-submitted, sometimes funny, sometimes dopey thoughts one could scribble down on a napkin. No banner ads yet, so enjoy the commercial-free atmosphere while it lasts.

Dog housing

As a nation, we're becoming more transient than ever. Often work moves us from one place to another. Renting somewhere to live in a city you're familiar with is bad enough, but imagine planning a place for you and your animal from across the country. This site contains wonderful tips for landlords and renters and could be very useful if you're on the move. It doesn't offer a registry of places that accept pets, which is my only gripe.

Pens . . . pencils . . . action

It's early for this site and it's not Dilbert yet. But there's something sticky in the humor that keeps me popping back to Geek-O-Rama. Cartoonist Terry Mc Elligott seems to have worked many more demeaning jobs than I have and it's reflected in his work. His current kick seems to be the joyous world of customer service and the thrill from assisting people who are too dumb to get out of their own way. And you thought your life was miserable.

It's all true!

Be still, my sugared-up heart, for I can hardly contain myself at the thought of snack purveyor Mars telling me that chocolate isn't all that bad for us. On a deeper level I do so want to believe it but find myself chuckling at the absurdity of it all. The slant is clearly consume in moderation, but microwaving one's head in moderation will take a very long time to do any damage. If you're looking for a way to justify the Good Stuff to yourself, look no further.

Early desktop computing

And now to the ultra-geeky section of this week's column. Posed as a computing history pop quiz, this page takes you back through desktop PC history to the days when storage was measured in bytes, not gigabytes, and video displays were Star Trek-ish blinking lights. I won't spoil the visit but the date of the very first personal computer surprised me because I was off by a good 10 years. Be sure to pause and have a good laugh at the Honeywell Kitchen Computer.

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