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Schiavo case timeline


© St. Petersburg Times, published February 12, 2000

FEB. 25, 1990: Terri Schiavo's heart attack.

AUGUST 1990: Terri Schiavo leaves hospital and moves back in with her husband, parents.

NOVEMBER 1990: Terri Schiavo goes to California for experimental treatment.

MAY 1992: Michael Schiavo and the Schindlers stop living together.

NOVEMBER 1992: Malpractice trial begins.

JANUARY 1993: $1-million settlement distributed.

FEB. 14, 1993: Michael Schiavo and Schindlers have falling out.

JULY 29, 1993: Schindlers filed petition to have Michael Schiavo removed as guardian.

AUGUST 1993: Michael Schiavo asks that an infection go untreated.

DEC. 3, 1993: Terri Schiavo's 30th birthday.

MARCH 1994: Terri Schiavo moved to Palm Gardens nursing home in Largo.

SEPT. 15, 1994: Guardianship case dismissed.

MAY 1998: Michael Schiavo files petition to remove his wife's feeding tube.

JAN. 24, 2000: Trial begins.

FEB. 11, 2000: Judge rules feeding tube can be removed. Parents vow to appeal.

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