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    Letters to the Editors

    Litter is a blemish on Florida's image

    © St. Petersburg Times, published February 12, 2001

    Roadside litter in the state of Florida is a disgrace of gigantic proportions. Everyone living in the state should be ashamed to call him or herself a Floridian.

    Everywhere you go in the state -- the highways, byways, yards, fields, roadsides, parks -- the scene is the same: deplorable.

    No matter what it is -- food, cigarettes, bottles, cans, paper, plastic, bags, garbage -- just fling it anywhere. Who cares? No one!

    "Litterbug" is sure an appropriate name for a lot of people who call themselves Floridians. I call them lazy, useless, careless slobs, too lazy physically and mentally to dispose of litter properly.

    Is it ever going to stop? What can and should be done about it?

    This letter is being sent to every newspaper, senator, congressman and state representative to see what can be done to erase the blight of litter in Florida.

    Wisconsin and Michigan are good examples of what can be done to beautify a state. They are clean and beautiful. The container deposit law in Michigan has been a godsend. You have to look a long, long way to find litter of any kind anywhere there.

    Florida could and should be the same. If there is anyone out there that feels the same way about litter in Florida, please write to Bob Broadhead, 1654 Clearwater-Largo Road Lot 607, Clearwater, FL 33756, or call (727) 585-4924.

    Let's see what can be done.
    -- Bob Broadhead, Clearwater

    Refuse detracts from beauty of state

    When our children were very young, we often came to Florida for our vacations. We always found it to be a beautiful place to enjoy.

    Now we are retired and spending our first winter here, but something very disturbing has become apparent: roadside litter. We see that once you leave the main highways, the ditches are littered with plastic, paper, bottles, cans, tires and even furniture.

    Many ditches look like garbage dumps. It is not uncommon to find bags of garbage and beer bottles that people have thrown out of their cars.

    Each morning, as my wife and I walk down the road near our home, we try to pick up as much litter as we can, but it is a losing battle. There is no way that a few people can keep up.

    I'm sure most Floridians are proud of their state and hate to see it trashed. It's just a shame that a minority do not have the pride and ambition to preserve Florida's beauty. Yes, it still is a beautiful state, but it is a shame that you have to look beyond all the roadside litter to see it.
    -- Lee Breuer, Rochester, Minn.

    Crow article was irresponsible

    Re: Crow is lawyer for nude Web site, Jan. 27 story.

    I have known state Rep. Larry Crow for more than a year in several capacities. Without question, Larry Crow is an excellent father, a very devoted family man and a conscientious public servant. We are fortunate to have a man with dedication to his family and the community as our state representative.

    Recently, your newspaper printed a series of articles deeply offensive to me that call into question Larry Crow's character. I am appalled to read that the newspaper linked him to a scandal created by a client of his who deceived him about the nature of a business. When Larry Crow did the routine paperwork for setting up a corporation for this person, the person did not inform him that the corporation eventually would become a nude site on the Internet.

    I expect the same higher ethics of journalism from your reporters and your newspaper that I have read and seen for the past 25 years. This story linking rumor, innuendo and gossip about Larry Crow disappoints me.
    -- John Monti, Dunedin

    Money compromises men's morals

    Re: Crow is lawyer for nude Web site, Jan. 27 story.

    As Rep. Larry Crow tries to two-step his way out of his part in a voyeur Web site, he mocks the public's intelligence. With a Web site named, involving a house full of women, exactly what did the legislator think the Web site was selling?

    Jerry Theophilopoulos, Crow's associate handling the case, is not only a board member of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral, but also the minister's son.

    It would appear both these men's standards come second to the almighty dollar.
    -- Nick Katroulis, Tarpon Springs

    Clearwater planning transportation well

    Re: Clearwater officials ignore transit needs, Jan. 31 letter.

    During the public hearing on a new bus terminal location, residents and business owners alike voiced strong opposition to the proposed site at 110 N Greenwood Ave. Increased traffic, noise and bus pollution in the neighborhood are among the concerns raised by residents. Other objections include the proximity of the proposed Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority's terminal to an existing day care center, school and church.

    City planners recommended that the North Greenwood site should remain reserved for residential development. An influx of new residents living and working in this area is the first critical step in helping to revitalize downtown.

    The City Commission has determined that the proposed location is not central to downtown and therefore not convenient for park-and-ride programs to special events or possibly to the beach during busy times of the year.

    The commission rejected this proposal after reviewing the recommendations of the city's Planning and Economic Development departments and after considering the objections of residents and business owners.

    As with all matters, the Clearwater City Commission based this bus terminal decision on what is best for all Clearwater residents.
    -- Bill Horne, Clearwater interim city manager

    More money should be spent on search

    So the Clearwater City Commission is going to spend only $26,000 looking for a better city manager than Bill Horne.

    It's rather shocking to see the city make such a small expenditure, but then I guess this is not nearly as important a decision as the roundabout.
    -- Bob Coffey, Clearwater

    Agoraphobia article was good, helpful

    Re: CONQUERING FEAR: Sharing her new-found freedom, Jan. 28 story.

    Christina K. Cosdon, a St. Petersburg Times staff writer, recently wrote an article describing my years of suffering with agoraphobia. This article was extremely well-written and positive. The response has been overwhelming.

    I want to thank this wonderful newspaper for caring and allowing Christina to write this story and to help reach people who feel so hopeless to know that there is indeed hope, help and full recovery.

    I have been involved with agoraphobia (panic disorder) work since 1979. The St. Petersburg Times has supported me with many wonderful human interest stories all these years. With your excellent staff reporting, you have helped us reach thousands of people who suffer so needlessly.
    -- Martha S. Cadden, Seminole

    Role models contribute to rule-breaking

    Re: When did it become cool to ignore all the rules? Feb. 8 guest column.

    Good article. But what are we to do when we have role models such as Bill and Hillary? Enough said!
    -- Lois Hammer, Tarpon Springs

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