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Quake III Arena review


© St. Petersburg Times, published February 14, 2000

Quake III Arena

  • COMPANY: id Software
  • PRICE: $49

The pioneers of the first-person shooter are back with another installment of the Quake series -- at a time when computer store shelves bulge with the latest Half-Life, Unreal and Diablo incarnations.

Quake III Arena features great 3-D graphics and sound -- but measured against competitors such as Unreal, the graphics are fairly average.

The game allows for single-player play, pitting an individual against fairly clever bots that roam the 3-D mazes, armed to kill. Different computer opponents have different tactics. Players advance through tiers of challenges until, at the end of each level, they go muzzle-to-muzzle with a boss villain.

But Quake III Arena's real strength comes in its death-match mode, where players take on real people via the Internet.

The game interface is easy to follow. The action is fast and furious. The one setback is that some graphic drivers may require updating to properly run Quake III Arena. Check for a list of driver updates.

This isn't a game for kids. It is bloody and gory. It is rated for mature audiences (17 and older) only. Unless you don't mind your kids playing a blood-soaked shoot-'em-up with guns and missiles, keep it out of their hands.

PLATFORM: Windows 95/98

-- WES PLATT, Times staff writer

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