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Sarcasm abounds

Who said Americans were born without a sarcasm gland? Or was it an irony gland? Regardless of your glandular state, you should get a chuckle out of this if you're privy to the constant stream of dot-com news items that all seem to say the same things in the most extraordinarily boring way. This site is sort of like the Onion ( -- people with a sense of humor only, please) but focused on technology and mocking the news-release style of the truly vapid.

Just how vapid can you be?

Feeling glum, chum? Is your miserable existence so bad you'd be prepared to hand over several thousand dollars to hang out with that celebrity you've been stalking, um, worshiping for all these years? Then should grease your tins in the most luscious way. This site offers "extraordinary experiences," from meeting celebrities to offering the sort of luxurious vacation that might make Solomon blush. Perhaps the ultimate sin is that charities don't benefit from the sale of most of these experiences. Or perhaps it's that the site looks absolutely awful in Linux. I can't decide.

Java jitters

I'm truly obsessed with coffee. I can't help myself. I thoroughly enjoy different roasts and beans like wine fanatics rave about the fruit of the vine. So sites such as positively perk up my day. It's a gateway to a coffee devotee's dream. If the myriad reviews of devices to wrap around your bean don't do it for you, maybe the coffee snobbery section will put you in your place.

Another gadget for the Palm

There's always something new to own when you're a fan of 3Com's Palm organizer. In this particular instance, you can turn your trusty appointment scheduler into a digital camera. A quick check of today's date says it's not April 1, so I'm guessing Kodak is 100 percent serious about this. No word on the price of this unreleased product, but I can honestly say I don't think my life will be completely complete without one.

A browser for Mac users

Mac users will have a new Web browser to consider: iCab, a Macintosh-only project that's nearing completion. If you're fearless and want to get a smell of what's wafting over the horizon, this "technology preview" (or "unfinished, possibly buggy software" as we say in my shop) is available for free download. The release version will cost $29. While iCab's bits don't quite fit together, it does give you an idea of how things may be when it's ready. And no, they're not doing a Windows version.

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