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Incomplete delete causing error message

Q. When I start my computer, I get a message saying the service profile is damaged and to re-install it. I deleted the America Online icon from the desktop and also in Windows Explorer. I think I also deleted the other part of AOL that maybe I shouldn't have deleted. Since then, I've been getting the message.

A. Uninstall AOL, this time using Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. Re-install AOL. If it was your intention to remove AOL, again uninstall AOL through Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. Never try to uninstall software by just deleting the files through Explorer -- always check Add/Remove Programs first. If not listed there, look for and run the Uninstall.EXE file in the directory where the application was installed.

Looking for a driver

Q. When I boot my PC I get the following message: "Error loading device driver NDISHLP.SYS7323: One or more network transport drivers failed to load." What is causing this error and how do I fix it?

A. NDISHLP is part of the real mode network drivers (used from DOS). You Autoexec.bat is most likely making a reference to start real mode networking or calling a batch file to do the same. Chances are this was installed by mistake. Edit your Autoexec.bat file and look for a line beginning with Net Start and place "REM" at the beginning. Save the file and reboot.

Print screen help

Q. I followed your instructions to print the screen -- hit and hold the ALT key and then hit Print Scrn -- but nothing happens.

A. Nothing visibly happens, but a copy of the current Window is placed in your paste buffer. You need to use an application such as Microsoft Paint to copy the paste buffer to a viewable form and print it. There are some freeware/shareware utilities that automate this process, which you may find helpful especially if you do this often. One is called Print Now and comes highly recommended by one of my colleagues. You can find it at (search for PrintNow). Another reader wrote in to suggest a program called Print Screen Delux, available at And Printkey 2000 can be found at Keep in mind that these programs remain loaded and consume resources. Unless this is an activity you do often, you just may want to do it manually.

Viewing photos

Q. I used to view my photos and it would show the Internet Explorer icon. Somehow, QuickTime has overridden IE and shows a little Apple icon. Now I am unable to see my photos. How do I show my photos with IE? Should I uninstall QuickTime?

A. Click a photo once to select it, then right-click and select "Open With." Scroll down the dialog box until you see Internet Explorer, select it and make sure the "Always use this program to open these files option" is selected. This will change the default program associated with your photos back to Internet Explorer.

Temporarily disable Auto Insert Notification

When you insert a CD, Auto Insert Notification initiates the autorun.inf file on the CD (if it exists) and starts the default program on the CD. If you don't want this to happen, temporarily disable this by holding down the Shift key when inserting a CD. Be sure to hold it down long enough for the CD to be recognized.

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