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Letters to the Editors

Have had it with moans on progress

© St. Petersburg Times, published February 18, 2001

Editor: I am sick and tired of reading whiny commentaries that moan about the Suncoast "Tollway," and development in general. I am getting especially tired of constantly reading phrases like, "threatens our way of life." People should take notice that the majority of the people writing these letters are retirees, and the majority of them, as we all know, moved here from somewhere else.

I find it strange that these same people, now older but not much wiser, are now condemning the very kind of development that they themselves most likely encouraged and helped facilitate elsewhere in their youth. Now, after taking every advantage of the opportunities progress afforded them elsewhere and coming here to sunny Florida, the land of low taxes, to retire, they are worried about our way of life.

If it looks like bull, smells like bull, it most likely is bull.

I'm 40 years old and I am beginning to resent people already retired telling me development is no good for me, my family, or my community. How do they know what is good for us? Who asked them for their advice? And why should we take their advice? After all, the track record of their generation isn't a very good one. They had their shot; they blew it, and now we are all supposed to believe they suddenly know what is best for other generations. Yeah, right.

If there is one thing I have learned in my 40 years, it is that regardless of what we do or say, change always comes. I remember what Homosassa Springs looked like when I first came here more than 20 years ago. At that time Homosassa Springs had only one stop light in town, one shopping center, which included the Hudson Food Store, a dance studio, a barbershop, and at the end, closer to U.S. 19, an Eckerd drugstore. Out in front of Eckerd's, there was sort of a park with a couple of park benches. I used to sit there and wait for my mother while she was shopping. Other than Richey's Auto Parts, and Bell Villa Motel, that was pretty much all there was to Homosassa Springs. The largest business in the area at that time, as it is now, was Howard's Flea Market, which is now called the Homosassa Flea Market.

Twenty years brought a lot of changes, some we liked, some we hated. But regardless of how individuals felt about it then, or how we feel about it now, there is one absolute truth that we cannot deny, or run from, and that is that things always change.

Change is the waves of our lives. Some are big, and some are small, but they keep coming just the same. The daring few will hop aboard and embrace its fury. The curious majority will hang on to see where it takes them. The blindly stubborn are doomed to drown under it. But only a true fool will deliberately stand in its path, holding firm to the belief that he or she can somehow command it.
-- Kim E. Morrison, Homosassa

Phone council members to retain city manager

Editor: Crystal River is losing an excellent city manager because the council, on Feb. 12, voted not to renew David Sallee's contract. One council member noted he had seen little support from residents.

In an effort to keep this excellent city manager, I ask that you telephone each council member and request the vote be rescinded and a motion be made to negotiate a new contract. Let's come together as a city and voice our support for our city manager.

The following is a telephone list, from public records, of council members:

Mike Gudis, 564-0246; Bonnie Taylor, 564-4200; Joe Chrietzberg, 563-1699; Russ Kreager, 795-6084; Ray Wallace, 563-2047.
-- Bud Kramer, Crystal River

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