Alternate Routes from Tampa Bay to Orlando
The segment of Interstate 4 between the Polk Parkway and U.S. 27 is expected to remain closed through this weekend due to smoke from the Polk brushfire. Here are some suggested routes, in addition to the official detour, to drive from the Tampa Bay area to the Orlando area. State transportation officials are now recommending motorists to avoid use of I-4 completely and to focus on the alternate routes 2 and 3 below, in addition to other state crossroad highways 40 and 70. Suggestion to use these alternate routes is subject to change as wind direction changes the path of the smoke trail.
There are four maps. To view each map, click on the text explaining each route below.

U.S. 92 detour U.S. 92, Polk Parkway Northern via SR 50 Southern via SR 60

Note: Orlando area attractions, including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, are located on I-4 between its interchanges at U.S. 192 in Kissimmee and International Drive in Orlando.
Route explanations beneath map
Via U.S. 92, I-4
I-4 east to the second (easternmost) Polk Parkway exit (20A), then south to U.S. 92, then through Auburndale to U.S. 27 (Exit 23) and north to I-4. Parkway tolls on this segment are suspended during the detour. This route could be the most congested in that it involves roads closest to I-4.
Northern via SR 50
Interstate 275 or I-75 north from Tampa to State Road 50, east through Hernando, Sumter, Lake and Orange counties into the Orlando area. This route avoids use of I-4 altogether.
U.S. 92, Polk Parkway, I-4
I-4 east to the first (westernmost) Polk Parkway exit, then east on the Polk Parkway tollroad through southern Polk County to U.S. 17-92, then through Auburndale to U.S. 27 and north to I-4. To avoid likely heavy urban-level congestion on U.S. 27 as it approaches I-4, continue east on U.S. 17-92 to Kissimmee, then turn north on U.S. 192 to I-4. (Traffic on the previously lightly traveled Polk Parkway may be subject to backups, even though toll plazas are closed.)
Southern via SR 60
Florida Highway 60 through Brandon, southern Polk County to U.S. 27 in Lake Wales, north to I-4, then east to the Orlando area. To avoid likely heavy urban-level congestion on U.S. 27 as it approaches I-4, turn off onto U.S. 17-92 east to Kissimmee, then back north on U.S. 192 to I-4. To avoid use of I-4 completely, continue on 60 all the way east to the Florida Turnpike interchange at Yeehaw Junction, then take the Turnpike north into the Orlando area.

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