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Share and share alike

Kensington's Digital Fridge is a fabulous, easy-to-use way to share your photos with friends and family. By default, the pictures you upload are a private, invitation-only affair. But if you're a budding photographer with some stunning snaps, why not put them into the community area and share them with the planet? The fridge metaphor is kept to a minimum and doesn't get in the way of navigation or use. Of course it falls down when you have multiple fridges under your control (just how big is your house?) and the magic ability to create new fridges out of thin air. Of all the magical powers I could dream of, creating large electrical appliances at will isn't on my list.

Burning issues

It's hardly news that Florida is hot and, for a large part of the year, tinderbox dry. Carelessly started and tended campfires are bad news in our part of the world. You're an adult, you know this. But your kids might not. Escort the younger ones to this site and read them the content if they're too young to read it themselves. Nobody's too young to play the nifty games on this site, but you will need a browser that supports Java for some of them.

Subjectively hysterical

I had forgotten how much I dug the Darwin Awards until I stumbled over the link as I was cleaning out some old bookmarks. In the days before I found this site, the infamous awards came to me via e-mail. As they were passed around, they were embellished with -- ahem -- untruths and some "entries" were completely fiction. Unless some daring cracker breaks into this site, you can take it as the word from the horse's mouth. If you have a healthy respect for your sense of the absurd and don't find the topic of removing the ultra-stupid from the gene pool offensive, this site might grace your bookmarks too.

Government search

Search engines continue to specialize and go vertical -- the one-size-fits-all philosophy crumbles as the Web grows. is a gateway to searching government, military and educational sites. Be sure to click the drop down box before you search to get access to other tools such as dictionaries and encyclopedias not listed on the home page. Nifty features include mirroring of the target site so if it's offline, you'll still get the data you're after. Nice.

Knowledge workers' delight

Have to sit on your derriere for ungodly amounts of time? Excited beyond belief about the design but frightened to death by the price of the Herman Miller Aeron chair ( Then perhaps the modestly priced Leap Chair might soothe your needs. It's one of those totally adjustable, cool-looking gizmos that could save your back, neck and arms from the degradation that goes with sitting in one place for most of the day. Your body has two of some things but backs are not one of them. Be kind to it.

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