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© St. Petersburg Times, published March 6, 2000

Silhouette Mirage

  • PLATFORM: PlayStation
  • PRICE: $39.99
  • COMPANY: Working Designs

From the creators of other 2-D classics such as Guardian Heroes and Dynamite Headdy comes Treasures' latest and maybe greatest side scroller. This character-based action game features some unique game play and some of the most engrossing boss battles ever. Grade: A-

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000

  • PLATFORM: PlayStation
  • PRICE: $39.99
  • COMPANY: EASports

Tiger Woods 2000 is basically CyberTiger without the fun extras. It also features five fully grown pros instead of kids. Other than these small differences, the games have identical hitting schemes, game modes and courses. Personally, I choose CyberTiger, but golf nuts may like the more serious nature of PGA Tour 2000 better. Grade: C+

NBA Shootout 2000

  • PLATFORM: PlayStation
  • PRICE: $39.99
  • COMPANY: 989 Sports

It's obvious that 989 Sports worked hard to ensure this would be the most authentic basketball video game ever. Game play is fast, shooting is based on players' stats and the play-by-play is top-notch. The graphics are a bit choppy, but this is still the best game of pro b-ball the PlayStation has to offer. Grade: B+


  • PLATFORM: Nintendo 64
  • PRICE: $49.99
  • COMPANY: Titus

Roadsters, the ragtop racing game from Titus, excels in graphics and fun, offering 30 sleek cars -- some real, some knockoffs -- and extremely fast game play. The control can be a bit inconsistent, but it's not a detriment. Grade: B

NCAA March Madness 2000

  • PLATFORM: PlayStation
  • PRICE: $39.99
  • COMPANY: EASports

For some reason, March Madness comes off even better than its pro basketball counterparts. Maybe it's the raucous atmosphere, the blaring band music or the commentary of Dicky V. In any event, this b-ball game is the most fun of all. Grade: A

Marvel vs. Capcom

  • PLATFORM: PlayStation
  • PRICE: $39.99
  • COMPANY: Capcom

If you want a wild time, try this insanely fast fighting game from Capcom. Featuring Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes and other Capcom stars such as Mega Man, this one caters to both beginners and veterans of the genre. Grade: A-

-- ROBB GUIDO, Times correspondent

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